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Uncertainties Surrounding Cloud Gamers

Uncertainties Surrounding Cloud Gamers Cloud gaming has been embraced as a liberator for gamers who had been entangled in the thorns of conventional gaming. Contrarily, if one looks at the potentially darker side of the cloud, a thought-provoking viewpoint can be perceived which, to some extent, may amaze readers. First off, in cloud gaming everything is done…

A Different Look At Cloud Computing

A Different Look At Cloud Computing Take what you know and have fun with it Business has locked down the idea of cloud computing. Cloud computing has taken the business world by storm, for sure. Think about it: endless open-ended space, applications, data storage and just about anything else a company could want. But now…

The Cloud Preview: NVIDIA Flaunts Upcoming Cloud-Based Game Demo

The Cloud Preview: NVIDIA Flaunts Upcoming Cloud-Based Game Demo It’s been a few weeks since NVIDIA announced their powerful line-up of cloud-hosted GPUs in the context of the shift towards Gaming-As-A-Service paradigm. The core gaming version of the Kepler architecture, the NVIDIA GeForce GRID, is bound to do away with the requirement for conventional consoles…

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