Better Data Risk Mitigation For SaaS Providers


Better Data Risk Mitigation for SaaS Providers We live in a world that is rife with internal-controls breakdowns that result in security and data breaches, which can cause tremendous business and reputational damage for organizations. The rise of cloud computing systems has now created an even greater need for organizations to develop the right controls

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Tips To Lessen Cloud Security Fears

Tips To Lessen Cloud Security Fears Simply because cloud computing is relatively new, it is still plagued with unfounded fears and doubts, the most prevalent of which is that of security. The truth is that it is just as safe as traditional networking technology, and sadly carries most of its vulnerabilities as well. But this just proves

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Understanding The Cloud Migration Process

Understanding The Cloud Migration Process Migrating to the cloud can be driven by a number of business factors – reducing capital outlay, increasing the throughput and making the system more robust. Regardless of what reasons they are, the movement to the cloud must be well thought out process. Buzzwords will not save, if you follow the wrong processes.

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