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The Cloud: Focusing On Cloud Performance – Part 1

The Cloud: Focusing On Cloud Performance – Part 1 The cloud has established its presence with applications for individuals, groups, and small and medium businesses. As a result, independent software vendors who have peddled packaged applications to cater to business functions in different verticals for companies of size might be pondering over when it is

How Cloud Service Brokerages Can Help Manage Your Cloud Setup?

How Cloud Service Brokerages can Help Manage your Cloud Setup? If you are a typical cloud computing client, you might already be using a few cloud service providers for your different applications. Your mail might be hosted with provider 1, CRM with provider 2,  corporate website with provider 3 and business apps with provider 4.

Practically Speaking About Cloud Computing: Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid Clouds Hybrid? True that it is getting noisier with cloud computing. And in clouds, hybrid cloud is making more noise! In giving the meanings to hybrid, dictionaries mention that it is an offspring of two animals and more similar synonyms. Going further, they use the word heterogeneous in origin and composition, two different types