The Pros And Cons Of Cloud Telephony


The Pros And Cons Of Cloud Telephony A cloud telephony system makes a business lean and helps them to refocus on the areas of core competence. This is a tool for the new generation where employees can work from anywhere, thus facilitating greater degree of flexibility. If you are a strong believer in the fact

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Infographic: The Google Index, 100 Million Gigabytes and Counting…

Google Under The Hood

Infographic: The Google Index, 100 Million Gigabytes and Counting… Here is an interesting infographic found over at: Inquistr which helps illustrate just how much data and storage space is required to run Google and its various services.  

Should You Be Concerned? A List of Recent Cloud Computing Failures – Intuit Goes Down

UPDATE: June 2nd, Intuit Goes Down… Based on a recent visitor tip to CloudTweaks. FYI — Intuit is in the midst of another payroll server outage right now (June 2, 2011) and it has been going on since noon yesterday, June 1st.  Hundreds of small business owners are outraged over the lack of service by

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Amazon CloudWatch Offers Free Monitoring Metrics For EC2 Instances

(Update From Amazon Website) We’re excited to let you know that as of today, all Amazon EC2 instances come with free Basic Monitoring metrics from our Monitoring service, Amazon CloudWatch. You don’t need to do anything to make this happen. It’s there for you to use. Simply sign in to the AWS Management Console and

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The Imminent Future of Cloud-based Computing

The term cloud computing is new to many people. The basic concept of cloud computing has been revealed in 1960 when John Mccarthy predicted that “computation may someday be organized as public utility”. And now after about 50 years of those words we are about to see that prediction come true. It is estimated that

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Open Source Release of 'Hibari,' A Database for Big Data

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 27 /PRNewswire/ — Gemini Mobile Technologies (″Gemini″) announced at ″Wireless Japan 2010″ in Tokyo that it will release Hibari (meaning ″Cloud Bird″ in Japanese) as open source. Hibari is a database optimized for the highly reliable, highly available storage of massive data, so-called ″Big Data.″ Hibari can be used in Cloud

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