5 Best Practices For Implementing Cloud Collaboration In 2014


5 Best Practices for Implementing Cloud Collaboration in 2014 Over the past decade, the momentum for enterprise collaboration has shifted from the building of massive intranet solutions, usually developed and maintained by internal IT organizations, toward more flexible and cost-effective cloud-based collaboration platforms. In a survey of 2,438 IT executives and technology decision makers in

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Business Collaboration: Yammer’s Integration With SharePoint – Part 1

Yammer’s Integration with SharePoint  Engaging Social Experience to Enhance Productivity of Business Collaboration Part-I Microsoft’s acquisition of Yammer in mid 2012 for $1.2 billion has been continuously drawing IT managers’ attention as they looked upon SharePoint-Yammer integration as eye candy in business collaboration platform. Recently, Microsoft updated their roadmap issued in November last year and

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Whitepaper: Microsoft SharePoint On The AWS Cloud – Learn How!


Whitepaper: Microsoft SharePoint On The AWS Cloud – Learn How! Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a complete set of services and tools for deploying Windows® workloads, including Microsoft® SharePoint® Server, on its highly reliable and secure cloud infrastructure platform. This white paper discusses general concepts regarding how to use these services and provides detailed technical

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Cloud Infographic: Microsoft SharePoint 101

Sharepoint-Big Data Infographic

Cloud Infographic: Microsoft SharePoint 101 If Microsoft Windows is the dominant operating system in the world and Microsoft Office the most popular productivity suite, Microsoft SharePoint is the preeminent file sharing platform Or is it? Read more Included below is an infographic which combines the results of a recent SharePoint user survey. Source: Rackspace

Cloud Emergency!

Cloud Emergency! There is no more storied relationship in human history than the one between man (and woman and child) and disaster. Though the news may only report the most significant catastrophes of nature, arriving every few months or so, earth-borne crises arise and affect life daily. Quickly catching up to that man-versus-nature dynamic in

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Cloud Computing Startups Raise Big Money: UPDATE 5


Cloud Computing Startups Raise Big Money: UPDATE 5 This is the fifth in a continuing series on startups raising funding. Today, there are two startups in focus – Xeround and SurDoc. Xeround (http://xeround.com/) Xeround, a California-based startup that describes itself as “The Cloud Database”, announced the successful completion of its Series C round of funding

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Microsoft Creates Profitable Businesses with “Cloud CRM for Less”

Microsoft Creates Profitable Businesses with “Cloud CRM for Less” Microsoft is extending $150 cash per user seat to up to 500 user seats for each eligible customer through its “Cloud CRM for Less” offer. This offer is making it easier for Salesforce.com, SAP and Oracle customers to switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, which gives

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Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps – Part 1

Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps -  Part 1 I’m enjoying work at the moment. Google and Microsoft are at each others throats again along with their well-wishers, supporters and haters. I’m none of these so I’m happy to monitor the arguments and in some cases the ridiculous, ill-informed rants of those who hate anything

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Microsoft Office 365 – Reviewed In Plain English

Microsoft Office 365 – Reviewed In Plain English Office 365 is a re-launch of Microsoft BPOS. The clumsily named Business Productivity Online Suite is bizarrely also referred to on their own website as Business Productivity Online Software and Services at the same time giving the impression that the branding was never quite spot on. The

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Top 25 European Cloud Computing Rising Stars: Cloudmore

Headed by Michael Wicander, who co-founded Cloudmore in 2004, the Swedish company managed to establish itself as one of the leading providers of cloud services in Europe in less than a decade. Headquartered in Stockholm, the company has particularly strong positions in the Nordic markets as well as in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It

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Cloud Hypermarket on the Future of Cloud Computing and Microsoft’s “Cloud Power” Campaign

Cloud computing spending will account for 25% of annual IT expenditure growth by 2012 and nearly a third of the growth the following year. “The battle for Cloud dominance is heating up, with the release of Office 365, it will be very interesting to see where the next big play comes from. Andrew Gradwell Director

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myGPcloud Launches On-Demand, Cloud-Based ERP Solution

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwire – August 9, 2010) –  RoseASP, one of Southern California’s largest providers of hosted Microsoft Dynamics solutions, today announced commercial availability of myGPcloud™, a Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution available on-demand in the cloud for the first time. Companies can register now at http://www.myGPcloud.com for a 30-day trial of a

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