How Companies Are Cleaning Up The Cloud And The Earth


Over the past decade, our use of the Internet has increased dramatically. Once used just for information, the Internet is now the primary source of entertainment. While most still use it to look up information, we also use the Internet to watch the latest movies and television shows through Netflix, we play games online through

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Intel’s New Xeon Chip Set To Storm The Clouds


As regards clouds in general, “storm” is not a word you would want to hear. However, by storming the clouds, I refer to the new Xeon chip’s ability to make cloud computing faster and more resilient. If you are a sports fan and familiar with the Olympics motto of “Citius (faster), Altius (higher), Fortius (stronger),”

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Infographic: The Silicon Clouds

Silicon Cloud

Infographic: The Silicon Clouds Here is an infographic found over at Gist which illustrates a number of hot spots around the world engaging in innovative and growing technologies. ie: Cloud Computing/Green Technology.  Source: Gist