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Cloud News Round Up – February 2nd

Cloud News Round Up – February 2nd

Cloud news weekly roundup HP To Provide Cloud Computing to UK Educational Institutions – It seems that essays and study schedules aren’t the only thing that higher and further educational institutes are up to in the UK, as large amounts of both student and curriculum-related data has necessitated the need for cloud computing to store it…

Min.us Cloud File Sharing Service Acquires Domain Name Minus.com for $115,000

Cloud File Sharing Service Min.us has acquired the domain name ‘Minus.com’ $115,000 Minus is a cloud-based, out of the box, straight-forward file sharing platform which allows the users to upload and share photos, music, videos, PDFs and more… The site is focused on making everything simple and naturally convenient for the users. The site looks, sounds, interacts…

Broadcom Secures Cloud Computing with Its SoC Family

Broadcom Secures Cloud Computing with Its SoC Family Broadcom has announced two additions to its security system-on-a-chip (SoC) family that effectively secure tablet, PC, and Cloud Computing. The global provider of semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications has unveiled the BCM5882 and BCM5883, and claims that they are the most highly integrated secure SoC…

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