Unfolding The Camel: Problem-Solving In A Multi-Cloud Environment


Unfolding the Camel: Problem-solving in a multi-cloud environment There is an expression that says “a camel is a horse designed by a committee,” which means, of course, that the more people who are involved in a decision-making process, the less the end product resembles its intended objectives. But camels aren’t always designed. Sometimes they simply

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Equalis Launches First Math in the Cloud Solution Powered by Scilab

First public solution to demonstrate the benefits of deploying open source numerical computing in the cloud. San Jose, CA – December 7th, 2010 – Equalis, the innovative on-line destination for the mathematics community, today announced that it has launched Math in the Cloud, the first public solution to demonstrate the benefits of deploying numerical computing

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8 Promising Private Cloud Computing Companies

Cloupia was founded by experienced entrepreneurs and funded by Silicon Valley angel investors to create the foundation for next-generation cloud technologies. We are a group of seasoned professionals with complementary IT backgrounds joining forces to help businesses with complex IT needs ranging from small business to large enterprises. Our corporate headquarters is based in Santa

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