Improving Workforce Delivery Through Telemetric Technology

Collaboration Cloud: Improving Workforce Delivery through Telemetric Technology In an age where the Internet is a free-for-all medium of communication, a data networking channel and a data base par excellence, it is inevitable that everyone has ever worried about privacy. Ironically, new technologies like collaboration cloud use methods that, for the uninitiated, may seem to

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Cloud Computing Is Redefining Micro-Learning In Five Revolutionary Ways

Cloud Computing Education

Cloud Computing Is Redefining Micro-Learning One of the great aspects of cloud computing is that it is quantifiable. It takes a challenge and accounts for it in hard figures. If it is software, one rents it and pays for the time he or she spends on it. If it is education, particularly, students come to know

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Cloud Conferencing – Just a matter of time…

Cloud Conferencing – Just a matter of time… High-quality, high-definition videoconferencing is coming to the living room, but consumers should expect to pay top dollar for it. Today not one but two major technology companies will be announcing new videoconferencing products for the home. Cisco Systems, which already has a well-established telepresence line of products

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