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Apple iCloud Faces Outage, Down For Some Users

Apple iCloud faces outage, down for some users Tech giant Apple’s iCloud has been down for some users over the past six hours, and users are still reporting Apple services being inaccessible around the world.  According to several reports, the outage occurred around 6:30 p.m. ET Wednesday, with some users experiencing downtime with iCloud service. According

Cloud Computing Gets Top Billing at Consumer Electronics Show

Cloud Computing Gets Top Billing at Consumer Electronics Show People pessimistic about the world economy can take heart from the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only was the largest trade show in the Americas bigger than ever, it also managed to attract a record number of visitors. Over 153,000 footfalls

Thailand Floods May Cause Problems for Cloud Computing

Usually, it’s the presence of clouds that affect precipitation. However, this time round, it is rains, and the consequent floods, that may end up affecting the cloud. By cloud, of course, I mean the virtual world of cloud computing and not some fluffy ball of water vapor in the sky. As you must know by