Making Business Resiliency Part Of Business As Usual


Making Business Resiliency Part of Business As Usual Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) have become non-negotiable requirements for virtually every IT department. Business resiliency is an umbrella concept that must address everything from basic business continuity to high-level risk management, security, crisis management, and more. With today’s IT architectures supporting servers, networks, and applications,

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Big Problems, Big Payoff: Setting Up Your Own Cloud Server


Big Problems, Big Payoff: Setting Up Your Own Cloud Server Your boss just informed you that you need to start migrating all of your server applications to the cloud. How would you go about doing that? Is it even possible? Your mind starts to whirl with the issues you can already see cropping up over

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Is Cloud Migration Becoming Easy?

 Is Cloud Migration Becoming Easy? Among some of the challenges one could encounter when taking the road to the cloud that I have mentioned in one of my earlier articles, 5 Challenges in the Journey to the Cloud,there isone that is purely technical and practical, specifically the complexity of the integration and migration process. And

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