Cloud Startup: Meteor To Speed Up Web App Development

Meteor Cloud

Meteor to speed up Web App development Straddling the ongoing OS fragmentation divide through a web app may sound like the best thing to do when developing such an app but straddling the interaction between the client, server, multiple devices and a ton of cloud services while still having to deal with legacy infrastructure isn’t

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PaaS Specialist Startups for 2012

App Fog

PaaS Specialist Startups for 2012 Platforms-as-a-Service startups continue to expand in 2012 with a specialist for every field of development. We take a closer look at some interesting PaaS specialist startups for 2012 which includes Parse, AppFog, Heroku and Stackmob. AppFog Basing their operations on the Cloud Foundry project (and using Cloud Foundry code),

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