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Videographers: Getting Your Head In The Clouds

Videographers: Getting Your Head In The Clouds The spread of HD capturing has made video production a storage intensive endeavor. The digital revolution is promising mass decentralization in some video production houses. But how will it work? Cloud Storage HD footage can range from 48mb to 153mb per second in readily available cameras like the

Cloud-Based Contracting Builds Business

Cloud-Based Contracting Builds Business Most of us have a perpetual pile of paper somewhere on our desks. The individual items in that stack might change from day to day, but much of it sits for quite some time before it attracts our attention. For organizations dependent on contract completion, that omnipresent pile of paper is

Top 25 European Cloud Computing Rising Stars: Brightpearl

Bristol-based Brightpearl was founded by Chris Tanner and Andrew Mulvenna in 2007 with the idea there is a niche in the financial software market. The company specializes in development of end-to-end web based solutions and offers its product as Software as a Service (SaaS). Actually, their flagship solution includes integrated CRM, accounting, order and stock