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Apache Hadoop v1.0: Open Source "Big Data" Cloud Computing Platform Powers Millions…

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache Hadoop™ v1.0 Open Source “Big Data” Cloud computing platform powers millions of compute-hours to process exabytes of data for Amazon.com, AOL, Apple, eBay, Facebook, foursquare, HP, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, The New York Times, Rackspace, Twitter, Yahoo!, and more. 4 January 2012 —FOREST HILL, MD— The Apache Software Foundation (ASF),

Practically Speaking About Cloud Computing: Microsoft Windows Azure Part I

Microsoft Windows Azure – Part I By now, almost everybody is convinced that cloud computing is here to stay; more applications are getting transformed from on-premises based data center to internet accessible data centers. The benefits of the same are far exceeding compared to the risk associated with it. While the cloud offering from Amazon