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Will Facebook Halt Instagram’s Gratification To The Cloud?

Will Facebook Halt Instagram’s Gratification to the Cloud? I’m sure that by now you’ve heard the news that Facebook has purchased Instagram. Even bigger concern for us cloud aficionados has recently been made news by Data Center Knowledge, one of Instagram’s place in the cloud. Will Facebook scoop it up from its roots there, or

Fancy Your Own Amazon Web Services-like Cloud?

Fancy your own Amazon Web Services-like Cloud? Cloudscaling’s OpenStack Private Cloud platform provides an answer Designed for very large-scale deployment and enterprise-class businesses, Cloudscaling’s Open Cloud System (OCS) platform is set to incorporate management and security features on a much higher level than other OpenStack offerings. According to Michael Grant, Cloudscaling CEO, “We’re introducing a

Some Recent Cloud Computing Acquisitions

Some Recent Cloud Computing Acquisitions As an industry matures, consolidation occurs and some prominent players emerge. With big companies already staking their claims in this space – a phenomenon which I had argued differentiated the cloud computing fervor from the dotcom bubble (See: Are Cloud Computing Stocks Overvalued?) – it was only time that the

(Super)computing On the Cloud

(Super)computing On the Cloud $1279 an hour – seems a lot to hire a computer, right? What if it’s a supercomputer capable of performing 240 trillion calculations per second, or 240 teraflops (a flop is the acronym for floating point operations per second, the universal measure of a computer’s performance)? This is the performance promised

Cloudability Closes $1.1 Million Investment Round

Cloudability Closes $1.1 Million Investment Round Led by Trinity Ventures and Walden VC, Seed Financing Will Enable Cloudability to Meet a Growing Demand for the Management of Cloud Costs and Services PORTLAND, OR – December 22, 2011 – Cloudability, the easy way to manage and monitor all of your cloud costs in one place, today