Netflix Hopes To Improve Personalisation With Deep-Learning


Netflix have used a blog post to detail how the world’s largest on-demand video provider has been experimenting with deep learning. Their methodology has involved using artificial neural networks to provide users with highly specialized content recommendations.  Researchers Alex Chen and Justin Basilico detail how they have been using Nvidia graphic processing units operating in Amazon Web

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Gartner Cloud Prediction Places US Top In Public Deployment

Gartner Cloud Prediction Places US Top in Public Deployment Trying to predict the cloud market can easily be likened to attempting to look for sufficient, clean drinking water in the Atacama Desert. All the same Gartner tries its best to tear through the numbers and somehow comes up with facts and figures that shape up

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Who Can Access Your data, And Where Does Your Data Live? Legal Aspects Of Cloud Computing

Who can access your data, and where does your data live? Legal aspects of Cloud computing Lawmakers are often way behind technologists and engineers, and it is no surprise that there has been little legislation specifically relating to Cloud computing. Often a major lawsuit gets filed before they wake up to the implications of the technology.

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Cloud Search: Amazon’s New Role For The A9 Search Engine

Amazon Cloud Search A9

Cloud Search: Amazon’s New Role for the A9 Search Engine Search is perhaps the most popular application on the Internet, and in this Google reigns supreme. So influential is Google in this field that the word “googling” has entered the popular lexicon as a synonym for online search, in the same way that brand names

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Greenpeace Report: How Clean Is Your Cloud?

Greenpeace Report: How Clean Is Your Cloud? The cloud computing world was all abuzz last week when Greenpeace released its report, “How Clean Is Your Cloud?” According to the report, global IT brands like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are changing how we share pictures, listen to music, watch TV or movies, communicate,

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Apache Hadoop v1.0: Open Source "Big Data" Cloud Computing Platform Powers Millions…

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache Hadoop™ v1.0 Open Source “Big Data” Cloud computing platform powers millions of compute-hours to process exabytes of data for, AOL, Apple, eBay, Facebook, foursquare, HP, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, The New York Times, Rackspace, Twitter, Yahoo!, and more. 4 January 2012 —FOREST HILL, MD— The Apache Software Foundation (ASF),

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Ready For My Closeup, Mr. DeMille: the Cloud and Stardom


Ready For My Closeup, Mr. DeMille: the Cloud and Stardom The marriage of technology and celebrity has produced several happy unions throughout the history of popular culture. The most recent affair features a delightfully polygamous relationship between directors John “Titanic” Cameron and Martin “Mean Streets” Scorsese with the resurgence of 3-D film. After Cameron’s all-time

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