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Working On A Cloud Software Service Level Agreement

Working On A Cloud Software Service Level Agreement As more and more consumers outsource their infrastructure to cloud providers, Service Level Agreements between consumers and providers is a key topic. According to IBM a Service Level Agreement, defines how the consumer will use the services and how the provider will deliver them”. It is essential for

Gussy Up Your Employment With Cloud Computing

Gussy Up Your Employment with Cloud Computing With reports of 50,000 new jobs being launched in cloud computing/IT in Los Angeles alone, it’s official: the employment iron is hot. Strike into the fray with a sophisticated grasp of how cloud computing can improve your approach and your potential company. Chasing versus cultivating. The sphere of

Using Cloud Services For Backups

Using Cloud Services For Backups Introduction With the explosive growth in this as a service, that as a service, and clouding everything in sight, it comes as no surprise that cloud backup services are starting to crop up everywhere. And we’re not just talking about some of the excellent services targeted at consumers like Dropbox,

Firehost Now Offering Scheduled Scaling

Our Cloud Hosting Partner ‘Firehost’, Now Offers Scheduled Scaling Do you need to adjust your server resources for an event tomorrow, next week, or next month? Expecting a spike in traffic, but just for a few days? Scaling resources up and down on your Secure Cloud Servers just got more convenient. We’re excited to announce