CloudTweaks Video Opportunities

CloudTweaks Video will provide video profiles and stories as a value-added complement to its existing Sponsored Post series, and will include video clips, narration, b-roll and graphics profiling a sponsor, event or topic.

CloudTweaks Video offers a heightened dimension to your Sponsored Posts by presenting them in video format. Using any combination of live action, animation and graphics, and narrated with a professional voiceover, these 2-minute videos will help drive your story home to the viewer, delivering a clearer understanding of the value of your product or event, packaged in easily downloadable, manageable formats.

Visual material adds trust and knowledge to a story, especially when real people are included. When a company spokesperson adds his/her voice and face to the information package, a stronger relationship is developed. In addition any animations, screenshots or other illustrative material that you already have available, gives the viewer a greater comprehension of your product, its value and ease of use.

What can be included in a video? How about:

  • Your CEO or company spokesperson speaking live (either in-person video or via Skype)

  • Product illustrations and animations or PowerPoint files

  • B-roll (visual stock footage) of your office, campus, factory and products

  • Trade show and convention footage

Your story will be edited and synchronized professional narration, and full guidance on delivering great video interviews will be provided.

A copy of the video would remain yours for re-use after publication.

For more information, please contact us regarding.

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