Salesforce Introduces The New Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Introduces The New Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Salesforce [NYSE: CRM], the Customer Success Platform and world’s #1 CRM company, today introduced Salesforce Health Cloud, empowering healthcare providers to go beyond health records and build stronger relationships with patients. Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based patient relationship management solution that enables providers to gain a complete view of the patient with integrated data from electronic medical records (EMRs), wearables and more; make smarter care decisions; engage with patients across their caregiver networks; and manage patient data.

For the first time in history, healthcare IT is shifting toward the patient experience. New regulations such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and outcomes-based reimbursements are pressuring health providers to provide more comprehensive care and compete for patients like never before. At the same time, expectations of patients have shifted, as younger generations — digital natives who grew up with iPhones, Facebook and Fitbits — are demanding that providers offer more tech-savvy ways of managing their care. In fact, 71% of millennials want their doctors to provide a mobile app to actively manage their health. And 63% would be interested in proactively providing their health data from wearables to their doctors, so they can monitor their well-being.

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Introducing Salesforce Health Cloud

Today’s health systems need to make the shift beyond revenue cycle management and electronic health records to organizations focused on patient relationships. Salesforce Health Cloud, which is built on Salesforce’s industry-leading Service Cloud, enables providers to get a more precise view of patient demographic, lifestyle and health information to better serve their needs.

  • Complete View of Patient Data: Salesforce Health Cloud’s Patient Profile enables care coordinators to gain a complete view of their patients, from current conditions and medications, to scheduled appointments and lab results. Data for the profile is populated from multiple sources, including EMRs, medical devices, wearables and more. Patient information is presented in Health Cloud’s Timeline view that allows providers to understand the progression of a patient’s health journey. And by using the Patient Caregiver Map, providers can map household relationships, as well as all providers and specialists involved in a patient’s care.
  • Smarter Patient Care Decisions: Salesforce Health Cloud’s Today screen alerts caregivers to timely issues, whether it is missed appointments or a need to refill medications. Rather than toggling between multiple systems, caregivers make smarter patient care decisions directly from the console by browsing tasks matched to individual patients and quickly acting upon them. In addition, by leveraging built-in Salesforce Chatter — an internal social networking tool — care coordinators review internal conversations taking place around selected patients, ensuring collaboration across the care network. Finally, providers can easily segment and manage patient populations, such as setting reminders for patients with high-blood pressure to schedule regular check-ins.
  • Engage More Deeply with Patients Across Any Device: Health Cloud features Private Communities, which allow care coordinators to securely collaborate and assign tasks across a patient’s caregiver network. Private Patient Communities also helps patients view progress against a care plan, find answers quickly to common questions and connect with any provider in their network. Also, by extending Health Cloud to mobile platforms, providers can send messages to patients’ smartphones, reaching them where they live and work.
  • Built-in Tools to Facilitate Adherence to HIPAA Requirements: Health Cloud includes tools that healthcare providers may use in order to facilitate their adherence to their compliance requirements from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), including Salesforce Shield, a set of built-in Salesforce1 Platform features that include Field Audit Trail, Platform Encryption, Data Archive and Event Monitoring.

Health Cloud Integration with Major Medical Systems via Industry Partners

Salesforce is leveraging a comprehensive ecosystem of partners in the development and deployment of Salesforce Health Cloud. Healthcare companies Centura Health, DJO Global, Radboud University Medical Center and UCSF assisted with product design and feature development; MuleSoft, Persistent Systems and other partners offer integrations to leading EMRs from Epic, Cerner and GE; industry partner Philips provides integrated medical device connectivity and new applications for connected and continuous care; and systems integrators (SIs) Accenture, Deloitte Digital and PwC deliver services for implementation, integration, customization and content.

Comments on the News

The era of precision healthcare is upon us,” said Joshua Newman, MD, Chief Medical Officer, GM, Salesforce Healthcare and Life Sciences. “Just like we use precision medicine to target more personalized treatments for cancer and other diseases, precision healthcare is enabling our customers to develop more meaningful, accurate and long-term relationships with patients. Health Cloud is a huge step forward in our industry’s transformation.

Health Cloud puts Centura Health patients at the center of their healthcare journey,” said Jim Rogers, RN, CenturaConnect Director at Centura Health, Colorado’s largest healthcare system. “We’re excited to use Salesforce Health Cloud to move our oncology navigators onto a single platform, standardizing their workflows, and increasing collaboration with ambulatory, acute, and post-acute care coordinators, and tracking patient outcomes in real-time.”

Healthcare providers face a significant challenge. To deliver the best patient care possible, they rely on data sitting in multiple systems. These include EMRs, lab systems and imaging applications, often across multiple data centers and in the cloud,” said Ross Mason, founder and vice president of product strategy for MuleSoft. “Connectivity is the key to unlocking this data and making it useful. MuleSoft’s integration platform brings data from these systems into Salesforce with an API-led approach, enabling agility while allowing providers to remain in control of their patients’ information. We’re excited to partner with Salesforce on Health Cloud to realize the vision of a single patient success platform.”

As care organizations and providers seek effective ways for patients to become more actively involved in managing their own health, there is a growing need for solutions that enhance self-management, facilitate collaboration between patients and healthcare providers, and improve continuity and quality of care,” said Jeroen Tas, CEO, Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services for Philips. “We’re excited to integrate with Salesforce Health Cloud as we continue to grow the capabilities of our HealthSuite digital platform, empowering patients and caregivers to become active partners in health care.

Pricing and Availability

  • Salesforce Health Cloud previews today, with general availability slated for February 2016.
  • Pricing for the new Salesforce Health Cloud will be announced at the time of general availability.

About Salesforce

Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world’s #1 CRM, empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way. For more information about Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), visit:

Opera Software Partnership Reaches 5 Million Readers In Africa via Mobile Phones

Opera Software Partnership Reaches 5 Million Readers In Africa via Mobile Phones

Worldreader and Opera Software Partnership

Public Literacy Categories Include Health, Sports, and Love Across 25,000 Book Titles

Worldreader, a global nonprofit dedicated to improving literacy in the developing world through digital books, today announces a new partnership with Opera Software that has provided 5 million readers in Africa access to 25,000 free digital book titles, via their mobile phones. The nonprofit aims to reach 10 million readers with its digital library by the end of 2015.


Mobile Phones in the Developing World

Mobile phones are becoming ubiquitous throughout Africa. For many people, it’s their only window to the connected world as mobile internet infrastructure and coverage is growing fast and driving the cost of data down. These mobile phones are affordable, easy to keep charged, and widely available.

We want to make sure the entire world has access to the books they need and want,” says Elizabeth Hensick Wood, Managing Director for Worldreader, Europe. “Through this partnership, Opera and Worldreader aim to reach millions of people every month, across 34 African countries, through the cell phones they already have.”

For the millions of people in Africa who already use the Opera Mini browser, this makes reading on a mobile phone as easy as making a call,” says Richard Monday, VP Africa, Opera Software. “We’ve placed the Worldreader icon in a coveted space on the Opera Mini speed-dial; right next to the Wikipedia button, because we believe access to reading, and access to knowledge go hand-in-hand. We hope access to these tools will help make our world more connected, empowered, and educated.”


The Impact of Reading in the Developing World

According to a 2014 joint study from Worldreader and UNESCO female readers in the developing world read up to six times more than men, and once women start reading on their phones, they are generally more engaged than men. During one three-month period, women spent an average of 207 minutes per month reading on their phones, compared to just 33 minutes for men. “These findings suggest that making digital books available on mobile phones can help women enormously,” says Wood. “Women can now access information on health, safety, career; topics traditionally unavailable to them.” To see the full report, visit: 2014 joint study from Worldreader and UNESCO

To date, the Worldreader Opera partnership has reached 5 million people in 34 countries across Africa. On a global scale, Worldreader has reached over 6 million readers, adding about 1 million new readers each month through Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The most popular literary categories among these new readers are Love, Sports, Education, and Health.

Making Books Accessible


Since its founding in 2010, Worldreader has observed hundreds of libraries in the developing world which are often closed, under-funded, or lacking in relevant book titles. These conditions often leave would-be-readers with limited access to books and information that they would find useful or relatable. Some libraries were found to have an over-abundance of titles limited to very narrow subjects, or books that no longer contained up-to-date information. Sometimes the books were too worn-out to be used.

While more affluent parts of the world may view digital reading as a luxury, we see it as a necessity in the developing world, where physical books are often non-existent,” says Wood.

The Worldreader Opera partnership provides 25,000 of the best titles from Worldreader’s book publishing partners. The titles were selected to be fresh, relevant, sought-after titles that readers around the globe want to read. Worldreader also selected a variety of titles that may not be widespread but will have particular relevance and significance to many countries in Africa. Titles include works such as Tale of Tamari by Shimmer Chinodya, This Place I Call Home by Meg Vandermerwe, Blossoms of the Savannah by Henry R. ole Kulet, and Asare Konadu’s A Woman in Her Prime.

Reading is a human right that one billion people can’t yet enjoy,” says David Risher, CEO and Co-Founder of Worldreader. “Worldreader and Opera are working together to make sure that books–and the power within them–are available to every single person on the planet to help them reach their full potential.”

To read free books on your mobile phone, visit

About Worldreader

Worldreader is a global nonprofit bringing digital books children and their families, empowering them to read, think, and grow in order to improve their lives and their world. In its first five years, Worldreader has reached 5.6 million readers in 69 countries with a digital library of 28,500 local and international e-books via e-readers and mobile phones, and aims to reach 10 million readers with its digital library by the end of 2015 and 15 million readers by 2018. For more information on Worldreader, visit:

About Opera Software ASA

Opera enables more than 350 million internet consumers worldwide to connect with the content and services that matter most to them. Opera also helps publishers monetize their content through advertising and advertisers reach the audiences that build value for their businesses, capitalizing on a global consumer audience reach that exceeds 1 billion. Opera is a trademark of Opera Software ASA.

Wearable Tech News: Google Android Wear Now Works With iPhone

Wearable Tech News: Google Android Wear Now Works With iPhone

When you wear something every day, you want to be sure it really works for you. That’s why Android Wear offers countless design choices, so you can find the watch that fits your style. Want a round watch with a more classic look? Feel like a new watch band? How about changing things up every day with watch faces from artists and designers? With Android Wear you can do all of that. And now, Android Wear watches work with iPhones.

Android Wear for iOS is rolling out today. Just pair your iPhone (iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus running iOS 8.2+) with an Android Wear watch to bring simple and helpful information right to your wrist…

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Security Hosting Company FireHost Is Now Called Armor

Security Hosting Company FireHost Is Now Called Armor

FireHost Is Now Armor, the Leader in Active Cyber Defense Focused on True Outcomes for Customers

Armor delivers dwell times 100 times shorter than the 205-day industry average

RICHARDSON, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A history of spending on security tools, followed by subsequent breaches, has proven that traditional cybersecurity approaches have been ineffective against disrupting and neutralizing cyberattacks. To deliver the best possible security outcomes to customers, FireHost is expanding its vision and offerings under a new banner: Armor.

Through years of protecting customers through the FireHost Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Armor repeatedly witnessed a critical industry problem. The typical security vendor remains one-dimensional: they sell on the premise that their specific tool is enough to protect customer environments. Unfortunately, most vendors offer little more than the latest tool — not true security outcomes. The result was end customers left to defend themselves and own all associated risk.

Armor’s investment and commitment, focused on threat intelligence, advanced technologies, industry-leading techniques and talented professionals, are carefully crafted to bring customers these outcomes. Armor now will extend much of the security and benefits of the FireHost VPC — regardless of the underlying infrastructure — to a variety of environments.

Central to Armor’s expansion is Armor Anywhere, which delivers a proven cybersecurity solution to both public and private clouds, and customer-owned IT. It currently includes two products — CORE and CORE+ — that help organizations balance internal VM security, cost-effectiveness and cloud accessibility.

The industry-leading FireHost VPC is now known as Armor Complete — a fully integrated secure managed cloud, which delivers security, support and high-performance infrastructure via a single solution. Easily exceeding the strictest compliance requirements like PCI, HIPAA and HITRUST, Armor Complete continues its reputation as the world’s most secure managed cloud.

Armor delivers customers true security outcomes. Not just tools. Armor reduces the risk and complexity associated with managing cyberthreats. And it’s through this approach that Armor’s new promise was born: between you and the threat.

Key Highlights

  • FireHost is now Armor, an industry-leading active cyber defense company
  • Armor is delivering a unique vision and a new cybersecurity paradigm: true outcomes, not security tools
  • Armor is refining the foundation of its security strategy to include three integrated core components: intelligence, defense and control
  • Enhanced solution offerings include Armor Complete (VPC and Private Cloud) and Armor Anywhere (CORE and CORE+), which work in concert to deliver the trio of security components
  • Armor delivers dwell times that are 100 times shorter than the industry average of approximately 205 days
  • Armor’s secure and managed cloud infrastructure is still central to how it delivers many security controls, management and threat intelligence
  • The technology and delivery of existing managed cloud infrastructure, security and support remains unchanged
  • Armor continues to exceed compliance requirements for the collection, storage and transmission of sensitive data, allowing customers to achieve easy outcomes for PCI, HIPAA and other industry and government compliance requirements


Chris Drake, Founder & CEO | Armor

For too long the industry stood idle watching the manifestation of a wide-scale cybersecurity problem that forced organizations to procure, integrate and manage point solutions in-house in an attempt to defend themselves from cyberattacks. This approach is expensive and grossly ineffective. The announcement of Armor is in direct response to today’s threat landscape and the logical evolution for our company to stand between our customers and the threats that seek to disrupt their businesses.”

Tarun Upaday, CTO | hCentive

A determined focus on customer outcomes is a welcomed movement. As a security-conscious organization, we improve our security posture by collaborating with the industry’s foremost cybersecurity experts. The fact that Armor is asking to share more of our risk and responsibilities is a testament to their leadership, solutions and dedication to delivering truly valuable security outcomes for our business.”

Michael Suby, VP of Research, Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan

“Enterprises are facing a growing challenge of sifting through myriad choices on where to host their workloads and how to effectively secure them. This is forcing them to elevate their security expertise. However, for many this is unattainable due to the shortage in information security talent, constantly evolving cyberthreats and an unsustainable number of security technologies that they have in place now but cannot manage reliably. Armor solves this dilemma by providing robust, holistic security solutions that span private and public clouds and private data centers. For enterprises, they can choose their workload-hosting locations without uncertainty on how they will secure them.”

Geoff Waters, Vice President, Service Provider Channel | VMware

Pushing the envelope — in both technology and problem-solving — requires a great amount of vision, instinct and determination. As one of our vCloud Air Network partners, Armor understands what’s required to better protect end customers in the cloud. Their innovative spirit also led Armor to adopt VMware NSX network virtualization as the underlying platform for delivering security that is inherent to the infrastructure. As a valued Service Provider partner, we’re pleased they selected VMworld 2015 to unveil the future of their business.”

About Armor

The leader in active cyber defense, Armor offers customer-centric security outcomes for retail and eCommerce enterprises, healthcare organizations, payment leaders and financial institutions. Armor protects highly sensitive data for the most security-conscious companies in the world. With its proven cybersecurity approach and proprietary cloud infrastructure built specifically for security, compliance and performance, responsible businesses choose Armor to reduce their risk. For more information, visit or call 1-844-682-2858.


Are Tech Stocks On The Rebound?

Are Tech Stocks On The Rebound?

It has been a turbulent week for owners of Netflix shares. After the streaming media giant’s stock topped $122 on August 19, its price has endured a roller-coaster ride on Wall Street. Let’s take a look at stocks to watch Wednesday:

Netflix. Shares jumped more than 5% in pre-market trading, recovering after two days of steep drops. Following the close of the markets August 19, shares of Netflix plunged to $96.88 over the next three trading sessions. Currently, Netflix is trading above $100.

GrubHub. A Barclay’s stock downgrade to “equal weight” — reports CNBC — is apparently having little effect on shares of the online food delivery service. They’re up 1.2% in morning trading.

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Open Ethernet Gains Industry Momentum With Large Eco-System Demonstration Including Microsoft And Dell

Open Ethernet Gains Industry Momentum With Large Eco-System Demonstration Including Microsoft And Dell

SUNNYVALE, Calif. & YOKNEAM, Israel, Aug 19, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Mellanox® Technologies, Ltd. MLNX, -2.37% a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, today announced the participation of its Ethernet switch solutions in a large Azure Cloud Switch (ACS) with SAI demonstration at the London SIGCOMM conference. Mellanox, Microsoft, Dell, Metaswitch and other companies will demonstrate a complete cloud solution based on Open Ethernet switches and software, as well as multi-vendor interoperability. Open Ethernet delivers choice and flexibility enabling the most cost effective Ethernet data centers, allowing users to innovate on top of the network infrastructure…

Article Source: Marketwatch

10 Potentially Obsolete Security Technologies

10 Potentially Obsolete Security Technologies

Systemic flaws and a rapidly shifting threatscape spell doom for many of today’s trusted security technologies

Perhaps nothing, not even the weather, changes as fast as computer technology. With that brisk pace of progress comes a grave responsibility: securing it.

Every wave of new tech, no matter how small or esoteric, brings with it new threats. The security community slaves to keep up and, all things considered, does a pretty good job against hackers, who shift technologies and methodologies rapidly, leaving last year’s well-recognized attacks to the dustbin.

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The Hyperconnectivity Enabled By The Internet of Things

The Hyperconnectivity Enabled By The Internet of Things

Many pundits and security researchers have focused on the security threats posed by the hyperconnectivity enabled by the Internet of Things. The high profile hack of a Jeep Cherokee by security researchers, who were able to take control of the steering, brakes and other critical functions by exploiting a vulnerability in the infotainment system, is just the latest example.

While some CIOs and IT security folks might feel overwhelmed by the security challenges posed by all of these IoT devices connecting to their network, Earl Perkins, research vice president at Gartner, has some advice: “Don’t despair.”

Perkins wrote in a blog post that most IoT security is not esoteric, it is basic IT or operational technology security. “So before too much panic sets in, know that many of the practices, technologies and skills that have been developed over decades are still applicable to securing the IoT,” he observed.

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Veracode Recognized as a “Leader” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

Veracode Recognized as a “Leader” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

 Veracode Well-Known for Its Scalable Cloud-Based Service, Ongoing Innovation and Expertise

BURLINGTON, MA–(Marketwired – Aug 10, 2015)Veracode, a leader in protecting enterprises from today’s pervasive web and mobile application threats, today announced that it has been positioned in the “Leaders” quadrant of Gartner Inc.’s 2015 “Application Security Testing Magic Quadrant1” for the third consecutive year, based on the company’s completeness of vision and ability to execute in the application security testing (AST) market.


Highly publicized breaches in the past 12 months have raised awareness of the need to identify and remediate vulnerabilities at the application layer. Enterprise application security testing solutions for web, cloud and mobile applications are key to this strategy.

Veracode’s automated cloud-based service safeguards web, mobile and cloud applications for more than 800 organizations worldwide, including three of the top four banks in the Fortune 100 and more than 25 of the world’s top 100 brands. The company is widely recognized for its demonstrated innovation, strong reputation for service quality, and broad set of automated services delivered on a single scalable platform.

Software has eaten the world. Every enterprise is becoming a software company, regardless of what business they’re in — and it’s no longer feasible to hire an army of specialized experts to secure your global software infrastructure,” said Bob Brennan, Veracode CEO. “Our mission is to secure the world’s software. We view our ongoing recognition by Gartner as further validation that our cloud-based approach and world-class expertise are successfully reducing application-layer risk for the world’s largest organizations, across in-house, outsourced, commercial and open source applications.”

To read the full report visit.

About Veracode

Veracode is a leader in securing web, mobile and third-party applications for the world’s largest global enterprises. By enabling organizations to rapidly identify and remediate application-layer threats before cyberattackers can exploit them, Veracode helps enterprises speed their innovations to market — without compromising security.

Veracode’s powerful cloud-based platform, deep security expertise and systematic, policy-based approach provide enterprises with a simpler and more scalable way to reduce application-layer risk across their global software infrastructures.

Veracode serves hundreds of customers across a wide range of industries, including nearly one-third of the Fortune 100, three of the top four U.S. commercial banks and more than 20 of Forbes’ 100 Most Valuable Brands. Learn more at, on the Veracode blog and on Twitter.

1Gartner, Inc. 2015 “Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing” by Neil MacDonald, Joseph Feiman. August 10, 2015

Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Cloud Adoption: Tips and Considerations

Cloud Adoption: Tips and Considerations

Cloud Adoption

If your organization is currently planning a move to the Cloud, then you will want to know all the details about Cloud Adoption and find out the challenges in deployment, management and automation phases. Savision, recently released two whitepapers written by Microsoft MVP Alessandro Cardoso that are focused on Cloud Adoption from two different perspectives: Business and Technical. The whitepapers provide you with some tips and considerations to keep in mind before, during, and after the process of Cloud Adoption, depending on your role within the organization.

Business Whitepaper – ‘Investing in the Cloud: Assessing IT & Business Requirements’.
Technical Whitepaper – ‘The Technical Challenges of Cloud Adoption’.

To complement the whitepapers, MVP Alessandro Cardoso will host one webinar on each topic. Would you like to know more?

Download the whitepapers and register for the webinars now.

Does Amazon And Google Public Clouds Need To Work Nicely With Others?

Does Amazon And Google Public Clouds Need To Work Nicely With Others?

It depends on who you ask. Both companies are cloud-first oriented, but they also want to woo corporate customers who run—and will continue to run —a lot of technology in-house.

One question swirling around public cloud providers like Amazon and Google? How well they will connect to customers’ existing information technology—and whether that technology comes in the form of a private cloud or a traditional data center. A corollary: Whether public cloud providers really need to do this in the first place.

For Google Cloud Platform, the answer to that second question now seems to be yes. Last month, Google joined the OpenStack Foundation, with the goal of making sure that Linux containers and Google-backed Kubernetes container cluster management will work well in OpenStack environments…

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Blue Coat Acquires Perspecsys To Effectively Make Public Cloud Applications Private

Blue Coat Acquires Perspecsys To Effectively Make Public Cloud Applications Private

Blue Coat Acquires Perspecsys

Expands portfolio in exploding cloud security market, providing relief for multinational enterprises struggling with data compliance requirements & regional sovereignty regulations

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 30, 2015Blue Coat Systems, Inc., a market leader in enterprise security, today announced it has acquired Perspecsys, Inc., a leader in enterprise cloud data protection solutions. With this acquisition, Blue Coat significantly expands its cloud security offerings while enhancing the industry’s most robust hybrid cloud portfolio. This expanded portfolio positions Blue Coat as a leader in the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) segment and sets a new bar for data protection within cloud applications.

CASBs have become the primary means of layering security onto SaaS (Software as a Service) applications,” said Mike Fey, Blue Coat president and COO. “Industry analysts predict substantial growth for this space over the next five years. As SaaS deployments continue to increase, this technology will become an essential component of enterprise data and cloud security.

This acquisition enables Blue Coat to offer the industry’s widest range of CASB capabilities within its market-leading Secure Web Gateway portfolio. Together, Perspecsys and Blue Coat deliver the industry’s leading solution for protecting data in an era of user-led cloud application consumption, dramatically enhancing security for corporate-approved cloud applications and services.

As dependency on cloud applications grows, enterprises are faced with a number of issues regarding data privacy, compliance and security. These include compliance requirements for Personally-Identifiable-Information (PII), as well as payment (PCI) and protected health information (HIPAA); strict data governance and regional residency rules for multinational companies; and most prominently, the continuous global news of data breaches. These concerns can be an inhibitor to the adoption of cloud applications for many organizations.

Perspecsys’ Cloud Data Protection platform solves the key business risks associated with data compliance, privacy and security for enterprises as they move to adopt cloud-based applications. Through the use of its patented cloud data tokenization and encryption capabilities, Perspecsys puts enterprises in complete control of their data at all times, regardless of where the data resides, both while in use and at rest in the cloud. By removing the risks associated with placing sensitive data in the cloud with applications such as, ServiceNow and Oracle, Perspecsys effectively makes the public cloud private.

To gain control over the explosion of cloud application usage, our customers tell us that the proxy is the logical location to implement CASB features and with our historic strength and understanding of web applications it is a perfect fit,” said Greg Clark, Blue Coat CEO. “Given that more than 50 percent of our customers are based overseas, and as we look to expand our vision for cloud protection, we are paying close attention to the unique needs of multinationals that reside or are doing business in geographies with strict compliance and data sovereignty requirements. Perspecsys has delivered an approach for encrypting and tokenizing data in the cloud that can actually be used in the real world by global customers, making it a disruptive force in the market and a great addition to Blue Coat. In summary, Perspecsys’ capability reduces corporate cyber-crime risk. Management of data at rest via tokenizing or encrypting is rapidly becoming a critical element of cyber defense for both corporate owned infrastructure and cloud applications.”


We’re excited to be joining forces with Blue Coat. As the largest content security provider on the planet and a leader in CASB, Blue Coat is the logical source for these security services,” said David Canellos, Perspecsys CEO.

Enterprises want to buy this class of solution from Blue Coat and Perspecsys’ Cloud Data Protection is a natural complement to Blue Coat’s widely recognized portfolio of cloud and proxy technologies.”

About Perspecsys

Perspecsys’ Cloud Data Protection platform solves key data compliance, privacy and security concerns for enterprises adopting cloud-based applications. The solution puts enterprises in complete control of their cloud data at all times, allowing them to simply address the leading data compliance and security challenges impacting enterprise cloud adoption. By removing the security issues and operational risks associated with placing sensitive data in the cloud, Perspecsys makes the public cloud private. Before its acquisition by Blue Coat, Perspecsys, Inc. was a privately held company backed by investors, including Intel Capital, Paladin Capital and Ascent Venture Partners.

About Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat is a leader in enterprise security, providing on-premise, hybrid and cloud-based solutions for protecting web connectivity, combating advanced threats and responding to security breaches. Blue Coat is the global market leader in securing connection to the web and counts nearly 80 percent of the Global Fortune 500 as its customers. Blue Coat was acquired by Bain Capital in March of 2015. For additional information, please visit


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