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Cloud Computing Companies and the Gaming Industry

Business has locked down the idea of cloud computing. Cloud computing companies have taken the business world by storm, for sure. Think about it: endless open-ended space, applications, data storage and just about anything else a company could want.

Many of the providers who offer this technology charge a monthly hosting fee.  Cloud computing and the technology it uses has opened a whole new generation of ideas for a number of SaaS business types.

Smartphones, computers, and even your gaming console all offer some form of cloud computing. Want to play a game at home, save your progress and have your buddy on the other side of the world pick up where you left off?

Cloud gaming companies on the rise

Cloud Computing Companies

Samsung is now crushing the competition and is expecting that within the next year 40 million homes will be streaming high–end, no-console-needed games over their Smart TV. Think about that; no more needing a game console to play. Why does this matter? As the technology for cloud computing improves, how we use it will change. Yes, because the ideas are new, the costs will be high, but like with anything else, they will level off. Take the 40 million gamers over the next year and double that the year after as the costs start to lower. The lower the costs get, the more people will start to get involved. As a gamer you’re able to experience the best in new games, and as a business person you get to see just how easy cloud computing is and how helpful it can be for your business. And lastly, the common Internet surfer that does not work online or play games on their TV has a great opportunity to see at first hand what they are missing. As the technology improves, so too will the perceptions of it.

The list has over 50 of the biggest and best up and coming Cloud Computing companies anywhere.  If you’re interested in shifting to the cloud this would be a good place to start your search.

Nimbus Amazon NetSuite
Cloudshare Flexiscale Wolf Frameworks RightScale
Cirrhus9 Monitis Joyent Enomaly
HP IBM 10 Gen Akamai
Hadoop Synage GoGrid Cloud9Analytics
Skytap 3Tera Appiro Appistry
Rackspace ReliaCloud Kaavo Appnexus
BlueWolf VMware Intalio EMC
Boomi AT&T CloudSwitch CloudWorks
Cloudera Cloudscale Arjuan 3LeafSystems
Cohesiveft Citrix enStratus Cloud Leverage
Elastichosts Elastra GigaSpaces Citrix
Magic Software UtilityStatus Symetriq Google


By Emma Joseph

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