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10 Cloud Computing Startups that you may or may not have heard of…

Cloud Computing Startups

Tap In Systems

They offer Management of Your Cloud Services. This gives you control over your virtual infrastructure, automating the deployment of cloud services around your IT policies. Keep your applications running smoothly by monitoring all your cloud services with a single management system that is integrated with your operational processes.


WOLF is a browser based On Demand Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for rapidly designing and delivering database driven multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.


Offers Cloud Services, Hybrid and Dedicated Clouds. They make it possible for your business to benefit from cloud hosting even if security, regulatory or technical requirements have previously prevented it.


Intends to become the utility of choice for a multitude of small and medium sized businesses, delivering enterprise grade IT systems from the cloud, effectively, securely and economically.

Morphlabs’ mCloud

MorphLabs series enables the rapid deployment of the most sophisticated Cloud Delivery platforms for MSPs and Enterprise data centers. Built on industry-leading cloud standards facilitating the hybrid implementation of both public and private virtual resources, the mCloud™ series virtualizes commodity hardware while simplifying system administration and application management.


iSpaces provides a multi-desktop cloud operating system that is simple to you use, incredibly fast, constantly persistent and universally accessible. The beta release of iSpaces is coming out on September 15th.


Is an internet company that is focused on building solutions around cloud computing. 8KMiles is an Amazon System Integration partner and AWS Solution Developer. 8KMiles’ Cloud Solutions group offers cloud consulting, engineering and migration services to help companies leverage the power of cloud computing.


Is innovative software company dedicated to serving the needs of hosting service providers, is the recipient of the 2010 Best Start-Up Award by the The Cloud Computing World Forum in the “World Series” Innovation competition. Cloud Linux received the award for its new innovation on how to “crash proof” servers as hosting providers migrate to a cloud based services model.


CloudSleuth delivers a test lab that brings real-time views of cloud performance to the forefront. For those members shopping around for a cloud service provider, the CloudSleuth platform delivers visualization and performance benchmarks that give them the power to compare the response times and availability of the top cloud service providers.


Is a mobile security company dedicated to making the mobile experience safe for everyone. Today, with users across 400 mobile networks in 170 countries, Lookout is a world leader in smartphone protection which will be big in the cloud computing market..

By Glenn Blake

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Glenn Blake is a writer for CloudTweaks and has been writing about technology trends for over 25 years.

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