Google TV Coming To A Living Room Near You!!

Google TV Coming To A Living Room Near You – Next Month…

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There has been a lot of speculation as to when Google TV will make its debut.  It appears that it will be available at some point in October.  More specifically Oct 17th, 2010 based on this leaked document found over at Engadget.

The new Google TV platform will be available as a set-top box and will be shipping later this month for a cost of roughly $299.  Best Buy will be one of the major retail chains stocking the new Google TV Boxes.

Based on what has been circulating around the net it appears that Google TV has formed a partnership with both Sony as well as NetFlix to offer streaming on demand video in the best quality possible.  Movie Downloads will be in 1080 p HD resolution.

In addition, Google TV Boxes will be pre-installed with Google Chrome for web surfing, will have the ability to utilize and run Android applications.  Google TV will integrate into your television, computer and cloud platforms rather seamlessly.  Web applications like Twitter, Google’s online photo sharing and storage service will also be included.

Here are some other possibilities… Credit to JokerBlog

CONTROLLED BY PHONE: Google TV is built on the Android OS, so your Android phone will work as a remote control. This opens up a range of possibilities for app makers – take a picture of an actor with Google Goggles to instantly view them on IMDB, for instance. We’re most excited about the prospect of Google Voice search letting you speak into your phone to find a show. Now that’s what we always imagined watching TV in the future would be like.

HD WEB-VIDEO RECORDING: Intel’s Atom CE4100 is at the heart of the Sony Bluray players and TVs, and Logitech set-top boxes that are planned. It can decode dual 1080p video streams, meaning you can save one while watching another.

TRUE MOBILE TV: Sony’s making compatible Blu-ray players and TVs, with Sony and Google also said to be collaborating on new cloud-based mobile and personal devices. Could we see a Sony tablet running Google TV?

VIDEO CONFERENCING: As well as Sony and Intel, Logitech is a partner so look out for its Google TV-enabled set-top boxes. It’s also believed to be making webcams to integrate video conferencing into the system. So if you work from home you can stay in touch from the comfort of your own couch. Just remember to tidy the lounge first.



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