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Practically Speaking About Cloud Computing: Google Apps Part I

Google Apps Part I

The Solution!

The gonegoogle” site starts with a presentation that for your company having 100 employees, Google Apps cost $ 50 per user per year, that’s less than your company will spend on morning coffee! Employees at your company will be 2.8 times more productive while mobile, because they access files from any place! Your company could add 2,450 GB of email storage space! 2,781 hours of your employee time is saved because of better filtering of spam! With Google Apps, a single online copy of document with version control saves of a lot of versions and revision documents! 36% more communication with integrated email, IM and video chat! Save 100 hours per year as there is no automatic updates need to be done! With promised 99.9% uptime, your company will get additional 2,700 hours of productivity! Your company would avoid losing 60 GB of data from lost or stolen laptops! And your company will spend $ 283,476 less recovering from loss or theft! Your company could save $ 15,000 in data recovery services! Plus you get new technology stuff! Money saved $ 329.025, Time saved 5,581 hours! Let us present Google Apps! Time to go Google! Time to go with cloud computing!

The Company

Google needs no introduction! Larry Page and Sergey Brin – founders, started the story in September 1998. Google Apps was introduced in 2007. Today more than 3 million businesses from small to big depend on Google Apps—which includes email, documents, calendars and more—to communicate and collaborate in the enterprise. Google Apps is the first cloud computing suite of message and collaboration tools to receive U.S. government security certification. Google already has won several large government contracts, including a five-year deal with the city of Los Angeles in which it outbid Microsoft. Los Angeles wanted to switch over to Google’s e-mail and other applications by June 30, but that target was missed because of security concerns raised by the city’s police department. Google is now hoping to get its apps running for LosAngeles next month. Google has been trying to promote cloud computing as a way for businesses and government agencies to reduce their technology expenses. At the same time, Google is hoping to reduce its financial dependence on Internet advertising, which generated virtually all of its $13.6 billion in revenue during the first half of this year. Google Apps for Education reached 10 Million user milestones in this month (October 2010)

What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is a cloud IT solution. This provides enterprises with applications like email, calendar, documents etc., Enterprises need not have costly IT hardware and software to maintain their email, as Google Apps provide them with the facility from their data centers. Internet and browser is enough to access the service. The service is reliable with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%; secure as their network is designed from the ground up with security in mind. At present there are five editions of Google Apps products available.  They are Standard, Premier, Non-Profit, Education and Government. The Standard edition, which is free for the business is advertisement supported; there is a maximum limit of 50 users in Standard Edition. In the Premier Edition user accounts allowed is unlimited. This goes at a cost of $ 50 per user per year; 25 GB of email storage per user.

By Glenn Blake

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