Cloud TV may replace Local TV altogether…

It’s True, Cloud TV will most likely replace Local TV altogether

Internet TV’ and ‘3D TV’ were the most searched terms of the entertainment genre for year 2010.

Service providing has reached new levels since the advent of cloud computing. Now, experience games, applications and much more over the internet regardless of the device you use. Let it be an iPad or a laptop or a low end personal computer, now all you require is a browser and an internet connection to get applications, games and TV on your computer.

The concept of cloud TV is different from web television. In web television, TV service is provided. This is also known as catch up TV. Cloud TV allows a user to choose the programs he wants to watch from an archive of different programs or he can opt to stream live Television. The TV programs can be streamed to any device with an internet connection and an internet browser. This is one of the few perks cloud TV has to offer. No subscription fees need to be paid to cable operators and channel owners. There are no hardware requirements; the dish antenna on the roof and the satellite receiver sitting next to the TV are things of the past. Moreover, the variety is mouth watering – over 2500 channels from all over the world? This is too much to handle. Services like AOL TV and MSNTV have been around for quite a while but I guess that the issue here is quality of video which is directly related to internet bandwidth.

The next question at hand is that, will cloud TV trigger local TV’s demise just the way internet news and media has marked a downturn in the popularity of newspaper? Internet is no longer restricted in functionality.  The only restriction in the case of cloud TV and computing is internet bandwidth. There can never be enough of it if you’re trying to get high definition TV online. But as time progresses one says a steady increase in bandwidth and surely this trend will continue in the future, hence, the prospect of Cloud TV is very bright.

The concept of cloud TV seems even more promising when giants like Sony step in the arena. Recently, Sony has announced its possible launch of ‘Cloud stuff’. The service will be targeting at providing entertainment, applications, games, social networking and what not. It’s like tapping on a market that is likely to grow in the future. Another competitor, Google TV, has boasted that it will ‘change the future of television.’ Apple TV is also expecting to change the streaming TV. A product of Apple that will be based on iPhone OS 4.0, Apple TV is will support 1080 HD playback. It is news like these that show the future prospect of Cloud TV.

Clearly, it’s been 50 years since television has been invented. New and improved technologies have allowed pushing the envelope as we progress but maybe it’s time to reinvent the television and Cloud TV can be an answer.

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By Glenn Blake

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