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Much awaited cloud launch in the UK for 2011: Cloud gaming

Cloud Gaming 2011

2011 will be a much awaited year for all the gamers. The concept of cloud gaming came into practicality only recently when companies like OnLive launched a cloud gaming platform in the US, this summer. With most revolutionary ideas revolving around cloud services, names like OnLive are bent on providing gaming services to all the people who’d rather play Crysis 2 on the internet than to play it on their low- end system that can hardly support Dave 2 graphics.

OnLive is a subscription type gaming service that launched its Beta in June this year. OnLive is offering heavy games like Mass Effect, Assasin’s Creed and Crysis etc; all that is required is a small browser plugin. All the graphics handling and the heavy rendering is done by the servers, all you need is bandwidth. Companies like Gaikai and Playcast Media aren’t much far behind.

Many popular games can be expected to be accessible over the internet via OnLive. The launch will be exclusive to BT and Plusnet customers. Extensive Beta testing will be carried out before the actual launch of the service. The exact choice of games for the testing haven’t been revealed but since 2011 is also a action packed year for new game releases, one can only wonder what the service has in store for the gaming community. Bandwidth requirements aren’t much for basic play. A 1.5 MBPS connection would suffice for most standard definition gaming experience but if you are looking forward to play games in High Def, you’ve got another thing coming. Minimal bandwidth requirement for HD play is 7 MBPS and that is a lot to ask for, even by today’s standards. Considering this fact, HD play on cloud is still in its infancy and one can hope for improvements as available bandwidth to the user becomes more economical. Till then, the gaming community will have to stick to standard deviation. This isn’t much of an issue if you consider that a P3 machine will be providing access to Crysis !

British Telecom has already secured the exclusive rights to OnLive’s gaming service on UK broad band. This contract was signed in summer, this year. For the green light provided by British Telecom, it has acclaimed a share holding of 2.6 per cent. The year 2011 will be crucial for both companies since they’ll be tapping at a market that is worth more than £2 billion

OnLive has been a veteran in this field for seven years. The company has surpassed others by introducing capabilities such as streaming and rendering games onto different operating platforms. OnLive games can also be supported by televisions but for TV compatibility, a small micro-console is required. For all the gamers of the UK who want to play World of Warcraft on their iPads and those who want to play Mass Effect online, sit back tight and forget those over-priced gaming consoles. The gaming revolution will be hitting you in 2011.

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