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CA Technologies Powers Squiz’s Cloud Computing Platform

CA Technologies Powers Squiz’s Cloud Computing Platform

Australian web solutions provider Squiz will use CA 3Tera AppLogic software as its cloud computing platform.

Squiz delivers on-demand web services via a global network of local offices responding to local client needs. It is leveraging CA’s solution to deliver its product suite to customers in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.  The scalable and highly available CA 3Tera AppLogic-based cloud environments allow customers to perform several tasks such as building, managing, and delivering customized sites.

The CA 3Tera AppLogic platform is widely deployed and currently used by managed service providers (MSPs) and innovative enterprises as the foundation for their cloud computing offerings.
Customers depend on this offering to develop cloud infrastructure in real time. The quick development, deployment and management of complex online applications not only cuts time-to-market for new business services but also increases margin.

For some time Squiz has been seeking a product that can streamline the deployment process without sacrificing redundancy and high availability”, said John Paul Syriatowicz, managing director, Squiz Pty. “Cloud delivery with the CA 3Tera AppLogic platform is scalable and affordable, providing global users with secure and reliable access to our applications while helping our customers contain costs.”

Cloud computing is changing the way IT delivers services to business users and understanding this, CA Technologies is committed to helping organizations keep pace,” said Brenton Smith, vice president & general manager, CA Technologies Australia & New Zealand said this partnership demonstrates the company’s position as a cloud enabler. “The success we’ve had in implementing CA 3Tera AppLogic software for Squiz is a great example of how our cloud platform is helping change the way organizations bring their services to market.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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