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Harvest Solutions Promotes Cloud Computing with Facebook

Harvest Solutions Promotes Cloud Computing with Facebook

Cloud computing software specialist Harvest Solutions is expanding its online presence through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. The company is also promoting its products through a new blog, which went live last week.

Apparently, Harvest Solutions is doing what most fast track companies are doing these days-leveraging social media to increase ROI.

Today people turn towards social networking sites to exchange ideas and share views and beliefs. Marketers have recognized the huge opportunity this new marketing tool offers and are eager to tap the lucrative opportunity these websites offer.

Harvest Solutions provides CRM systems for organizations that delivers several benefits such as helping them to analyze customers and opportunities, following fast moving trends as well as identification and strengthening of successful marketing programs.

In addition to these initiatives, Harvest Solutions is focused on increasing communication about CRM services among sales and marketing professionals in a range of markets.

We believe Customer Relationship Management is both a service and a philosophy,” said Sid Lejfer, Owner of Harvest Solutions, “and we are excited to provide extended our customer service through social media avenues, in order to help our clients get the best out of their CRM software.”

Cloud computing and many more products are being marketed through social networking sites these days. Businesses now have tools to identify how well they are doing by using this media thanks to companies such as Adobe that recently announced a new product such as SocialAnalytics.

Adobe claims its newly released tool allows customers to monitor and measure social conversations about their brand or product on popular platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Customers are already raving about the Suite’s enhanced abilities to help them pull understanding and actionable insight out of a growing maelstrom of data,” said Brad Rencher, vice president and general manager, Omniture Business Unit, Adobe. “We are delivering on our promise to make digital marketing easier so that marketers spend less time on technology and more time on what they do best, marketing.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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