Interview: Intel Discusses Expressway Cloud Access 360

Intel’s Cloud Access 360 Leads the Way

In an exclusive interview with Intel on Friday, March 25th, spoke with Vikas Jain as a follow-up to Intel’s announced Expressway Cloud Access 360 at Cloud Connect. Vikas Jain is the Director of Product

Management for Application Security and Identity Products with Intel Corporation and has over 16 years experience in the software and services market, with particular expertise in cloud security, identity and access management, and application architecture. Prior to joining Intel, Vikas has held leadership roles in product management and software development at a wide-range of technology companies including Oracle, Oblix, Wipro and Infosys.

You can follow him on twitter @ VikasJainTweet

Anthony: Thanks for taking the time to speak with today and appreciate you taking the time to help educate our readers about Cloud Access 360.

Vikas: You are welcome Anthony. Appreciate the opportunity to speak with CloudTweaks.

Anthony: Let’s start with a quick overview of CloudAccess 360 if you would.

Vikas: Certainly. Last October Intel introduced their Cloud 2015 Vision. We indicated that the cloud would be Federated, Automated and Client Aware.  Intel® Expressway Cloud Access 360 is a software product that enables federated access from enterprise to the cloud and vice-versa. It bundles provisioning, federated single sign-on(SSO), strong authentication, and client aware access control – all into a one packaged solution providing control, visibility and compliance to enterprises adopting cloud SaaS applications. The group is working together to prototype, pilot and build reference architectures, which address these issues.

Anthony: So Cloud Access 360 addresses all of these issues?

Vikas: Yes, Cloud Applications are enabling new business models and I.T. Models through hosted and scalable applications, yet the adoption among enterprises is slow due to the fact that they are worried about security concerns especially about loss of control, lack of visibility and adherence to regulatory compliance.

Anthony: How does this impact users?

Vikas: Today users often set-up accounts with weak passwords that are disconnected from the corporate identity infrastructure. This can lead to sensitive data leakage and compliance risks.

Anthony: What about Administrators. Aren’t they able to detect this?

Vikas: The lack of standardized logs has blocked administrators from monitoring or correlating cloud user activity with internal audit requirements in many cases.

Anthony: So, Cloud 360 addresses all of these issues with one product?

Vikas: Yes, until all requirements can be met with one product, Corporations will be hesitant to move beyond simple pilots or tightly controlled private clouds. They needed a broad set of solutions that addressed the full life cycle of access requirements. These solutions would have to be all standards based, integrated with corporate identity management infrastructure and accessible from any client, network or remote cloud platform. Since Intel has a special relationship with hardware OEM & ISV’s we were able to develop a unique solution for complete and secure access to the cloud. We connect the browsers, client and the web service.

Anthony: So Cloud Access 36o provides a hosted platform, which meets all requirements.

Vikas: Yes, our Intel Expressway 360 leads the way to secure enterprise access to the cloud and is a hosted solution to protect Enterprise solutions deployed in the cloud. It’s an approach built on proven technologies and backed by a consortium of players.

Anthony: So, what about users. Does this preclude any manual provisioning of accounts.

Vikas: The provisioning of accounts is seamlessly pushed from the enterprise to all cloud applications, which are authorized for corporate use with full privacy controls. So any cloud session is completely secure whether it is from a browser, any network or even other Internet Identity accounts such as Facebook.

Anthony: What about Administration?

Vikas: 360 Access control allows Administrators to use a single Admin console where the role, entitlements and policies are authored and enforced. Compliance is delivered with a one time password & strong authentication. They can monitor user activity and deliver API access across cloud platforms.

Anthony: Very impressive and elegant solution.

Vikas: It will provide ubiquitous access, enterprise class secure, regain control visibility compliance for the cloud.

Anthony: Thank Vikas. Cloudtweaks appreciates your time very much.

In our discussions Vikas also discussed how this will also impact small to mid-size businesses with Nordic Edge’s Opacus, an on demand identity service solution.  For additional information related to Intel’s Cloud Computing Vision and product offerings visit the URL links below.

About Intel

Intel is the world’s leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products, and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. Founded in 1968 to build semiconductor memory products, Intel introduced the world’s first microprocessor in 1971.

Additional information

Intel® Expressway Cloud Access 360 is a software product that enables federated access from enterprise to the cloud and vice-versa. It bundles provisioning, federated single sign-on(SSO), strong authentication, and client aware access control – all into a one packaged solution providing control, visibility and compliance to enterprises adopting cloud SaaS applications. Part of Intel Cloud Builders program’s cloud security-enhancing reference architecture, it helps further Intel’s Cloud 2015 Vision that the cloud would be federated, automated and client aware.

By Anthony Park

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