U.S. Authorities Grant Three Patents for Cloud Container Technology to AppZero

U.S. Authorities Grant Three Patents for Cloud Container Technology to AppZero

Massachusetts-based technology startup AppZero announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the application virtualization company three patents providing critical capabilities to its cloud solutions. These patents lay the foundation for AppZero’s Cloud Container Isolation ™ technology, the company said on its website.

The company was granted three patents; namely, Patent # 7,757,291, titled “Malware Containment by Application Encapsulation”; Patent # 7,774,762, named “System Including Run-Time Software to Enable a Software Application to Execute on an Incompatible Computer Platform”, and Patent # 7,784,058, called “Computing System Having User Mode Critical System Elements as Shared Libraries”.

AppZero also announced some details on the patents’ capabilities that include ability to isolate applications from one another and from the underlying OS, avoiding application conflict. If a virus manage to break the system it is limited to a single container, protecting other applications and the OS.

Another functionality allows the software to package unmodified desktop and server-side applications from old operating systems (OS) for secure delivery to, and execution on, new OS versions, the company said.
Patents also include capability to package fully configured applications and their dependencies into a portable and reusable OS-free Virtual Application Appliance (VAA) which can be copied and run quickly without installation.

A capability of particular interest to cloud services providers is the ability for rapid provisioning of server and desktop business applications from the data center to/from and among clouds.

“Everyone says their solution is unique, but nothing says “unique” quite like a patent. While I’m certain that the granting of 3 patents will increase the company’s recognition as a credentialed innovator, what our customers care about is the business agility that AppZero brings to the enterprise, ISVs, and cloud providers alike. They get to run their business applications when and where they choose, with elasticity and ease – without lock-in. The innovation protected by these patents form the heart of this agility,” Greg O’Connor, AppZero CEO, explained in a press release.

Greg O’Connor founded AppZero in 2009 and since then the privately held company attracted the attention of leading technology investors like serial entrepreneur Nigel W. Stokes, Canada’s BDC Venture Capital and another Canadian venture capital company, VenGrowth.

The company’s solutions allow cloud providers and enterprises to easily move applications to the cloud and back again if needed through its OS-free VAAs, which are self-contained units that are completely portable. AppZero offers software that creates, runs, and maintains VAAs in Linux, Solaris, and Windows environments.

It is a good news that companies compete to patent their cloud solutions and a new wave of such patents could be expected during the year. It is unclear how many cloud computing related patents are pending worldwide but the emergence of cloud computing market as a major driving force in technology sector will inevitably open the flood gates for numerous original innovations in the sector. On the other hand, many cloud startups  – offering for free solutions – rely on open source technologies to develop their products, therefore, one could expect that most cloud patents will appear in the paid segment of the cloud computing services.

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