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Cisco, EMC, VMware Evolve Australian Data Centre to Private Cloud

Cisco, EMC, VMware Evolve Australian Data Centre to Private Cloud

Cisco, EMC and VMware have teamed on helping KPMG Australia, part of a global network of firms providing audit, tax and advisory services, to evolve its data centre to a private cloud with a Vblock infrastructure platform.

The companies claim that this platform successfully blends cloud computing with integrated, consistent enterprise security and compliance. This blending enables KPMG to easily meet or exceed all security and regulatory requirements.

The Australian firm is already using IT to boost its business and with this Vblock deployment it expects to grow even further.

In the coming weeks KPMG will enjoy several benefits by the unification of compute, network, storage access and virtualization resources in a single energy-efficient system.

In addition to reducing IT infrastructure costs and complexity, the Australian firm will also be able to provide nearly limitless scalability, and capitalize faster on new business opportunities, according to the companies.

At KPMG it’s essential for us to consistently innovate and lead the next generation of technology internally,” said Chris Robinson, chief information officer, KPMG. “Our decision to evolve to Vblock was based on the business outcomes we expect to achieve from our own rollout of highly secure and flexible technologies. This will provide an opportunity to show our clients an industry-leading on-premises cloud-based technology.”

“The innovations occurring in the data centre are transforming the way information and services are consumed and provided in Australia and globally,” said Les Williamson, vice president of Cisco Australia and New Zealand. “We are excited that KPMG Australia is taking advantage of this business model shift and teaming with Cisco and our ecosystem of partners to build, deploy and use highly secure cloud services for itself and its clients now and with even greater capability in the future.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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