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what is documents and data?

What Is Documents And Data On iPhone?

So what is documents and data on iPhone? CloudTalk, a social communications platform that enables personal and natural communication through voice as well as text, photo and video, showed the new version of its application that runs on iPhone and Android, the company said. The new version of the CloudTalk app features rich social and multi-media capabilities and a more intuitive user interface, allowing users to actively utilize application’s voice capabilities during in the communication process.

The new version of the cloud-based solution features extended functionality like multimedia sharing, ability to add new participants to existing group messaging conversations and functionality to name users’ conversation threads by topic or by groups of people participating.

The application offers Facebook and Twitter integration, allowing customers to post to each others’ Facebook or Twitter accounts. In addition, users are enabled to invite friends to CloudTalk via SMS or email and follow each other.

Documents and Data

iphone data and documents

Creators of CloudTalk decided to keep functionality that is present in older versions of the application; namely, voice messaging and text messaging functionality. Another option that is not changed in the new version is the public communities functionality that allows users to group by similar interest and start or join a group.

The friction caused by phone calls when we can’t take them, and voice mail that feels like a dead end, is making it harder to use our voice in daily communications with our social circle. CloudTalk stands out as the only platform to put the power and convenience of voice at the center of the social communications experience,” David Hayden, chairman and CEO of CloudTalk, said in a statement. “And CloudTalk makes talking as easy as texting, so we can freely use our voices to convey emotion, avoid misconstrued tone and get a message across far more quickly and powerfully than text alone,” he added.

The San Francisco, California-based start-up launched operations in 2009 and boasts the only social communications platform that lets users talk, text, and share videos and photos all in one place with their social circle. It develops and offers for free its mobile application that is available for iOS, (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Android OS.

In January 2011, CloudTalk finalized a $5.2 million Series A funding,which was in the form of combination of debt and equity financing.

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