Marvell Boosts Enterprise-Class Cloud Computing

Marvell Boosts Enterprise-Class Cloud Computing

Global provider of integrated silicon solutions, Marvell has introduced a revolutionary product for enterprise-class cloud computing. Known as the Marvell DragonFly Virtual Storage Accelerator (VSA), the device is powered by HyperScale embedded processor technology.

The enterprise-class cloud computing product can plug directly into all commercially available servers with a PCIe slot, and features a combination of Marvell’s renowned chip technology complete with its newly designed circuit boards.

Marvell claims that its latest product can achieve 10x server I/O performance. Also, this product has the ability to reduce power, space and storage capital costs in the datacenter. Businesses will also be able to use it for virtualized server applications, according to company’s sources.


The company will display Marvell DragonFly VSA at the Storage Networking World conference on April 5-6 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Marvell has scheduled beta trial sampling in CQ3 2011.

The Marvell DragonFly VSA is a revolutionary product for enterprise-class cloud computing, offering powerful host server I/O cache acceleration to solve worsening storage I/O bottlenecks,” said Pantas Sutardja, chief technology officer at Marvell. “The HyperScale caching technology embedded in the DragonFly VSA is the product of leveraging our leadership in HDD, SSD storage technologies, and extending our advanced-integration capabilities. The DragonFly VSA presents itself as a powerful tool for data center architects in optimizing the costs of the server/storage infrastructure. We look forward to collaborating with visionary Cloud storage architects to achieve a leapfrog improvement in virtualization scalability.”

Addressing the issue of I/O bottlenecks in the enterprise is a real problem facing many data center managers,” said Jeff Janukowicz, research manager for Solid State Storage Technologies at IDC.  “A turn-key system solution, such as Marvell’s DragonFly Virtual Storage Accelerator, that combines silicon with additional hardware in an industry standard PCIe card that addresses these performance concerns is an innovation that will be welcomed by many enterprise storage customers.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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