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NovaBACKUP Supports Integration of Amazon S3 Cloud

NovaBACKUP Supports Integration of Amazon S3 Cloud

NovaStor’s NovaBACKUP is offering support to all popular storage devices together with seamless integration of Amazon S3 Cloud Storage.

This is ensuring full on-site and off-site data protection and is ideal for the current business environment that is encouraging companies to adopt cloud storage.

NovaStor is an international provider of software solutions for data protection and availability. The company notes a newly released survey by market research firm, Storage Strategies NOW, according to which fifty-seven percent of CIOs and storage administrators intend to adopt cloud storage in the very near future.

The data protection specialist advises businesses to use backup software that combines backup to local devices and also offers backup to cloud storage.

NovaStor also points out the importance of data to be backed up to an additional device, as well as backed up to the cloud.

Storage Strategies NOW survey also shows that the top three cloud priorities for businesses today are email, front-office applications and backup data.

Because the data backup is moving to the cloud, businesses adopting cloud storage should pay close attention to choosing data protection solution that facilitates professional integration of cloud storage into their data protection policies.

We’ve always understood the importance of on-site and off-site data storage. That is why from day one, we have incorporated cloud backup options into our software,” said Mike Andrews, managing director at NovaStor. “NovaBACKUP makes it easy for users to choose the cloud backup service of their choice and then back up data to not just one stationary device, but also to the cloud.”

Thanks to NovaStor’s entire line of NovaBACKUP software, users can easily protect data on-site and also to the cloud. A unique feature included in the software’s user interface allows users to add their desired cloud storage device, with a few clicks.

NovaBACKUP’s interface will also guide you through all processes of data protection and retrieval. 

By Anuradha Shukla

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