Broadcom Secures Cloud Computing with Its SoC Family

Broadcom Secures Cloud Computing with Its SoC Family

Broadcom has announced two additions to its security system-on-a-chip (SoC) family that effectively secure tablet, PC, and Cloud Computing. The global provider of semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications has unveiled the BCM5882 and BCM5883, and claims that they are the most highly integrated secure SoC processors in the industry.

Cloud computing technologies require repeated authentication throughout the work day and Broadcom notes that its secure SoCs can ease the use of cloud computing applications by eliminating the need for repeated log in and authentication through enterprise-class single sign-on applications. PC OEMs can leverage the new SoCs to benefit from a highly scalable and cost-effective a security solution. The new SoCs boasts a combination of near field communication (NFC) technology, a secure processor and biometric capabilities, all on one chip. This combination has the ability to isolate user authentication from the host computing system through a multi-factor, multi-choice authentication and data protection process.  Because IT managers can leverage this security platform across product families and form-factors, it allows them to have a consistent security platform throughout the organization.

The frequency and cost of data breaches continue to rise, fueling demand for more secure solutions,” said Chuck Tato, director, Connectivity, Processor & Security Solutions, Broadcom Corporation. “Our latest secure SoCs provide a flexible solution for increased security throughout enterprise and cloud networking applications. By delivering all necessary functionality on a single host-isolated device, IT managers can secure data literally at the ‘front door’ of the system.”

Broadcom notes that today businesses have to deal with increasing enterprise network security breaches and challenges associated with social media sites and data stored in the cloud.  For this reason, security experts, suppliers and service providers aim to improve network security and will benefit from Credential Vault.

Developed by Broadcom, Credential Vault feature forms the core of the SoC and ensures that user and device keys and credentials are securely stored.

By Anuradha Shukla

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