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Global Disaster Recovery (DR) Index – Cloud Backup and Security Report

Global Disaster Recovery (DR) Index – Cloud Backup and Security Report

Being fit for business is imperative for all countries participating in a highly competitive global economy. For organizations around the world this means being able to continue to operate in the event of IT failure or major disaster, whether man-made or natural.

Regardless of their location, IT managers share a common challenge – keeping their business-critical digital assets safe and sound. Few businesses today can survive a major data loss without a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery (DR) strategy in place.

At the same time, the amount of data being created by businesses is outstripping their ability to store it. The Economist estimates that the amount of information created each year is growing at a 60% compounded rate. This view is supported by analyst firm IDC, which predicts the ‘digital universe’ will grow to 1.8 zettabytes (1.8 billion terabytes) in 2011, up 47% from 2010, and rocketing toward over 7ZB by 2015.

With the adoption of virtualization, and the ongoing shift towards the cloud, DR strategies are becoming more complex. IT managers are now expected to keep data safely backed up in a hybrid environment consisting of physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. The shift has seen companies adopting several different backup solutions at various points in time. While it’s typical to have two or three different backup solutions, it’s not uncommon to have as many as five or six. Evidently, a hybrid world is also a very complicated world.

Despite universal complexities, there is no global standard for backup and DR. This Disaster Recovery Index study demonstrates how countries across the globe have different confidence levels towards DR based on their culture, their adoption of new technology, faith in their backup procedures and level of executive buy-in. The study has identified that businesses have widely varying views about what backup and recovery attributes are required to confidently survive a disaster.

What is the Acronis Global Disaster Recovery (DR) Index?

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