Beacons Flopped, But They’re About to Flourish in the Future

Cloud Beacons Flying High When Apple debuted cloud beacons in 2013, analysts predicted 250 million devices capable of serving as iBeacons would be found in the wild within weeks. A few months later, estimates put the figure at just 64,000,…

HomePipe – Cloud File Sharing Service Utilizes Both Cloud And Work/Home Computer

HomePipe – Cloud File Sharing Service

HomePipe’s free online service revolutionizes your ability to quickly, easily, and securely access and share digital files (e.g. high resolution photos, music libraries, videos, presentations and documents) of any size stored on a home or work computer – from any web browser or mobile device – without spending more money on storage, multiple hours uploading, organizing or syncing in the cloud.

HomePipe is a service that provides instant access and sharing of digital content of any size, anywhere, anytime from any web browser or mobile device. It’s the most secure remote file access and online sharing platform available.

How it Works

HomePipe uses secure, small lightweight agents that reside on laptops and mobile devices to work securely and easily over the web. Registration requires an email and password. An email with an activation link is sent to the user. Once entered, the HomePipe Agent takes seconds to deliver the appropriate content. HomePipe leverages cloud technology to create a secure pathway for users to access and share files from one device to another. There is virtually no latency when accessing files as HomePipe compresses, encrypts and optimizes traffic and content for the optimal user experience.

Files are not required to be uploaded, copied or stored within the cloud and can remain on the local hard drive. HomePipe eliminates the need to spend money on storage, multiple hours uploading, organizing or syncing in the cloud.

HomePipe is scalable by design—whether it’s one user or hundreds enterprise-wide. HomePipe’s API is easy to integrate into your web service or native client. Plus, HomePipe supports a variety of platforms—Windows, Mac, Linux and all popular mobile and web browsers.

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