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Oracle Health Sciences Cloud: An Optimized Infrastructure and SaaS Platform

Launch of the Oracle Health Sciences Cloud

Just a few years back, everything from health records to appointment scheduling was accessed and updated by development and maintenance of some on-site technology in almost all the healthcare organizations. And now, of late, SaaS has emerged as a pattern changer and gained immense popularity in the health sciences sector leading to widespread use of cloud computing services. It has certainly spread its roots firmly in the health sector by reflecting a good number of unprecedented advantages.

Oracle/Oracle Health Services

Oracle has been the front-runner in health sciences with almost all big U.S. hospitals, pharmaceutical & health sciences companies, and research & healthcare organizations running and operating on Oracle applications. Focused on discovery, advancement, and marketing of safe and effective innovative products and services, Oracle Health Services has always aimed at raising health and living standards of patients all around the globe.

Oracle Health Sciences Cloud: A vertical cloud

With big healthcare, biotechnology and bio-pharmaceutical organizations looking to hire secure and cost effective cloud computing services, a separate next-generation SaaS delivery platform was largely expected by computer giants and the pioneers in health related cloud applications, Oracle.

This much required SaaS delivery platform that would provide operational support through automated services has ultimately come in the shape of a vertical cloud, the Oracle Health Sciences Cloud. So, now all Cloud Applications developed at the Oracle Health Science Institute would be powered by this modern, flexible and optimized platform providing them with unprecedented levels of security, scalability, and performance.

A horizontal cloud is associated with key benefits such as elasticity, broad network access, resource pooling, and managed services. In a horizontal cloud, there is full latitude of deployment, configuration and release of resources. But, a vertical cloud such as the Oracle Health Sciences Cloud adds to the dimensions of a horizontal cloud by the additional benefit of assurance of regulatory compliance which is a must have in case of health and finance related institutions.

This cloud was largely anticipated as Oracle had always been looking for a more secure and scalable approach to infrastructure. Aimed at supporting IT deployments and decreasing the requisite resources for maintaining infrastructure of health organizations, the Oracle Health Sciences Cloud provides its customers with extremely reliable and cost-effective infrastructure and platform services.

Inclined to provide customers with operational isolation, the Oracle Health Sciences Cloud has a few different service level packages to address different requirements of health firms. Furthermore, it is capable of supporting the very large networked environments for clinical development, research, and healthcare.

This cloud evolution features some of the top Oracle Health Services solutions such as electronic data capture, study design, coding and dictionary management, electronic patient reported outcomes, research clinic automation, trial randomization, drug supply management, and safety management. HIPAA certified and 21 CFR Part 11-compliant, the Oracle Health Sciences Cloud is currently hosting around 3800 instances that support millions of transactions every day in as many as 117 countries.

With innumerous advantages in each of the Managed Infrastructure Services such as the Data Center, Network, Security, Compute, Storage, Utility, General Managed Applications, and Managed Operational IT services, the Oracle Health Sciences Cloud would surely enable Oracle Health Sciences customers to avail the benefits of next-generation cloud-computing infrastructure.


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