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Red Hat Brings Cloud Scale and Agility to the Data-Tier

Red Hat Brings Cloud Scale and Agility to the Data-Tier

Open source solutions provider Red Hat has announced the launch of a cloud-ready, highly scalable distributed data cache.

Known as JBoss Enterprise Data Grid 6, the new release can deliver a range of benefits such as easing the load on database servers, reduction of response times in applications, and providing additional failure resilience.

According to Red Hat, the new data cache will initially be available through an Early Access Program.

Elaborating on the rationale of the release, the company says that today it has become challenging for organizations to scale the data-tier due to technical and economic issues

Typically, scaling up requires additional hardware and database software licenses, and scaling out involves complex data partitioning or clustering technologies.

JBoss Enterprise Data Grid has the ability to deliver highly resilient and transactional data access with the agility and economic benefits of cloud computing.

This product has been designed from the core to support cloud-scale computing with concepts such as multi-tenancy, elasticity and distributed code execution. Enterprises deciding to use this product will be able to tap those capabilities in order to deploy highly available, massively scalable and highly performant shared data grids to accelerate applications and curtail data-tier costs.

Data grids are an inherently scalable solution for increasing throughput, resilience, and lowering response times of the data tier,” said Craig Muzilla, vice president and general manager of middleware business at Red Hat. “From clustering to vertical scaling and positioning, data grids present an opportunity for significant cost advantages over other data-scaling approaches.”

Red Hat claims that JBoss Enterprise Data Grid is part of the company’s vision to redefine middleware.

This product will also provide a comprehensive, open source distributed service fabric to help developers and organizations build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud.

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