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WordPress Alternative

Squarespace is another cloud-based content management system (CMS) tool that has been getting lots of interest recently.  A good reason for the attention its receiving is that more and more people are discovering how great Squarespace’s unique and powerful hosting solution is in creating a blog site or corporate website that gives complete control to the developer.

Once you get an account with Squarespace, you can start building and designing your site.  There are already many tools available.  You can even use the free-trial period of 14 days to assess if Squarespace is for you, without giving over your credit card details.  It’s more than enough time for you to test and see the great things that you can do with Squarespace that no other hosting solutions offer.  Squarespace already has tens of thousands of subscribers, and it’s living up to the great reviews it has been getting.

After the trial period, you can select a plan from $12 to $36 per month, and then you’ll be well on your way to managing an impressive web site.

One of the things people most like about Squarespace is that the interface is fully customizable from the moment you set your account, and can be altered anytime you wish to make changes.  This makes handling your account very easy.  You can add, remove or move widgets, plug-ins and columns any which way you want, giving you full control on how your site will look and the various services that you offer.

When it comes to designing your site, no other hosting solution makes it easier than Squarespace.  You can use your CSS skills to alter the CSS code, but this is not really needed as Squarespace allows you to create impressive designs without having to code anything at all.  The basic template that Squarespace provides is fully customizable and will let you change all aspects of your site from the fonts, to the background, to the way you want your columns to appear.  Squarespace is one of the few Cloud Based CMS tools that allows you to think about what you want on your site rather than how to put something on your site.  This makes the job of amateur developers much easier.

Being able to publish content easily is also vital, and this is where Sqaurespace excels.  Aside from the regular interface which allows you to input text, you can also use any cell phone that has e-mail capabilities to send posts to your site.  If you use the interface of Squarespace, you can format the text using the standard tools available, and also format the text at the HTML level and check how your posts will look like when published.

If you are one of those people who like to add lots of additional features in your blog, then there are many widgets and plug-ins ready for your instant disposal.  You can find all the common tools needed like blogrolls, polls, calendars and advertising boxes.  All modules can be added in and out of your site with relative ease.

This is a very good all-in-one alternative solution to WordPress as it offers Cloud Hosting as well as a powerful CMS at an affordable rate.

By Mike Wheatly

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