Use Google Sites with SMEStorage Open Cloud Platform for Free

Businesses can now use Google Sites with the SMEStorage Open Cloud Computing Platform for free.

This is made possible thanks to the SMEStorage Open Cloud Platform, which is supporting Google Sites using the Google OAuth authentication mechanism.
Google Sites is just another storage cloud for the SMEStorage Open Cloud Platform, which, according to a release, enables Sites users to access, modify and upload data through a range of desktop and mobile clients.

In order to use Google Sites with the SMEStorage Open Cloud Platform for free, businesses will have to register a free account at

Although the free windows dashboard and Linux tools can be used to work with Google Sites, the companies are offering certain tools and features, such as the CloudFTP and CloudDav access for business or lifetime users only.

According to Ian Osborne, SMEStorage CEO, the company experienced demand by many of its Cloud File Server users who asked for support for Google Sites as they use Google Sites for their business.  This demand encouraged SMEStorage to add support for this in its Open Cloud Platform.

Our business users can now access sites not only through our tools and clients but also using WebDav and FTP due to the fact that we overlay these ubiquitous access mechanisms on top of any cloud we support, whether the underlying cloud supports the feature or not,” said Osborne. “Users can also choose to ‘pair; their sites data cloud with another storage cloud so that their data can easily be backed up from cloud-to-cloud.”

Osborne continued: “We see our open cloud platform as not being just about storage but about all information silos, and we’ll be soon adding support for social information and also the ability to capture Instant Messaging data and bring it back into an Organisation.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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