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Apple Set to Unveil iCloud Services

Apple Set to Unveil iCloud Services

Apple is set to unveil its new cloud service iCloud that is designed to improve how users can access content across different Apple devices.

iCloud from Apple is expected to retain the company’s dominance in the smartphone and tablet markets and avoid customers to buy mobile devices from the competitors, according to Adam Satariano from

It seems Apple is taking competition from devices powered by Google Inc. (GOOG)’s Android software very seriously. Recently, both Google and launched cloud music services that allow users to upload songs to remote servers and access them from a browser or smartphone with an Internet connection.  Apple’s iCloud will compete with these products as it allows people to listen to song collections without having to manually transfer individual tracks to a music player.

Apple will preview iCloud at its Worldwide Developers Conference today and the world is waiting to learn a new way to access digital songs and information on smartphones and computers.

During his public appearance Apple’s conference, Apple’s Chief Executive Steve Jobs is expected to preview software updates for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Mac, in addition to the new iCloud online storage service.

The world we’re headed to is where you don’t have to think about which gadget your stuff has,” said Frank Gillett, with Forrester Research Inc. “As people get their content organized around one of these personal ecosystems, then it will be incredibly sticky because migrating won’t be convenient.”

Apple may design iCloud to include features of the older offering, such as storage for e-mail, contacts, calendars, photos, plus new options for music,” said Ashok Kumar, an analyst with Rodman & Renshaw in New York. “Storage for movies and television shows may be added later.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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