8×8 and VCE Deliver Cloud Services to Businesses

8×8 and VCE Deliver Cloud Services to Businesses

Business communications and cloud computing solutions provider 8×8 and VCE are collaborating to deliver cloud computing services to businesses utilizing the Vblock Infrastructure Platform.

VCE or the Virtual Computing Environment Company was formed by Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel. This company was established to create a fully integrated IT platform that combines compute, network, storage, virtualization and management technologies from Cisco, EMC and VMware.  8×8 is able to accelerate deployment of cloud-based computing solutions by adopting the Vblock platform. These solutions have the ability to significantly cut down the cost of IT and allow businesses to focus on innovation instead spending resources on integrating, validating and managing IT infrastructure.

8×8’s recently acquired Zerigo and this strategic move allows it to add a comprehensive, easy-to-use and powerful provisioning mechanism to the Vblock platform. As a result of this acquisition, 8×8 can accomplish rapid and automatic deployment of flexible cloud computing services.

8×8 is building its enterprise cloud service offerings with leading technology from industry cloud computing heavyweights like Cisco, EMC and VMware,” said Bryan Martin, chairman & CEO of 8×8. “The Vblock solution represents the platinum standard for tier 1 business applications and provides businesses with the confidence to entrust mission critical applications to the cloud. We view this partnership as a major stepping stone towards our goal of becoming the preferred provider for all types of cloud services for businesses across the United States.

VCE is very pleased to work with 8×8,” said Frank Hauck, president of VCE. “Vblock platforms form the perfect foundation to build cloud infrastructures that support mission critical applications securely and confidently, while providing the agility and efficiency so important to today’s enterprise IT operations.

Looking forward, 8×8 will market these cloud services to larger enterprise and government customers as well as its traditional SMB customer base.

The company will leverage its new and existing channel relationships to this end.

By Anuradha Shukla

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