Big Data plays a major role in gaming, an industry valued at over $90 billion today. With the gaming industry more competitive than ever, developers are trying to understand player psychology and behavior to ensure games are constructed in such a way that players find their “flow zone.” Ensuring gamers keep coming back through game optimization, refining factors which encourage titles going viral... Launches Cloud-Based Search and Analytics Platform Launches Cloud-Based Search and Analytics Platform has announced the release of the world’s first cloud-based semantic search and analytics platform for managing companies’ own resume databases. Known as SeeMore, the new release is built on Monster’s multi-patented, highly successful 6Sense semantic search technology. is a popular job matching engine and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide. Through its new platform, the company is enabling enterprises to search all of their recruitment resources and talent pools from one place so they can easily identify, access and match their talent.’s new cloud-based search and analytics platform applies powerful 6Sense semantic search technology that understands concepts and context of talent-related information to all of their candidate pools.  In addition, this platform provides analytics that present detailed insights into the composition of talent pools. These insights ensure that HR functions within a company can operate more efficiently and effectively.

With the introduction of SeeMore, we are transforming recruitment and talent management by taking our state-of-the-art 6Sense semantic search and applying it to resumes beyond Monster,” said Sal Iannuzzi, chairman, president and chief executive officer, Monster Worldwide. “Employers can now assess their company’s talent databases in one central location so everyone can be found easily, regardless of their point of origin. This, paired with the benefits of semantic search and analytics, enables companies to be more precise about their talent matching needs, reduce the time and cost of acquiring and managing talent, and improve the quality of hires.”

Our philosophy on innovation is simple – we focus on products and solutions that deliver breakthrough technology to address a real market need. SeeMore is no exception,” said Darko Dejanovic, EVP, Global CIO and head of product for Monster Worldwide.

It solves a complex problem that many employers are facing — not having strategic visibility into their internal and external talent pools because they are using a range of technologies in an increasingly fragmented recruiting environment.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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