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Nefsis Supports Live PDF Sharing with Video Conferencing Cloud

Nefsis Supports Live PDF Sharing with Video Conferencing Cloud

Cloud-based HD video conferencing sessions from Nefsis now support live sharing of portable document format (PDF) files.  The online services innovator has allowed videoconference participants to share, annotate, and save multipage PDF documents on-the-fly at the click of a mouse. Nefsis claims this entire process is as easy as sharing any other document type including PowerPoint presentations and Word documents.

All Nefsis Professional subscribers and trial users can use the new PDF codec as a seamlessly integrated, advanced collaboration feature.  Those interested in a free 14-day trial of Nefsis Professional can get the details by visiting the company’s website- www.Nefsis.com. Noting the growing popularity of video conferencing, Nefsis says that seamless integrated collaboration features have become more important in today’s business environment.

Nefsis claims that it can easily eliminate the cost and complexity of managing on-premise multichannel channel units (MCUs), desktop gateways, and collaboration servers. This goal is achieved by delivering all of these software-based capabilities through its global video conferencing cloud. No preprocessing is required as the Nefsis PDF codec uploads a shared PDF on-the-fly. Also, businesses significantly increase their efficiency by using this solution as the document and any page changes are displayed to all conference participants simultaneously.  Because Nefsis’ latest offering can preserve the vector graphic display, it provides a high-quality presentation allowing zoom-in, zoom-out, various display options, and thumbnail views.

Nefsis emphasizes that this is different from H.239 and other screen capture methods that do not have the ability to preserve rich text and vector graphics.

Talking heads alone don’t cut it anymore, the demands of inter-office meetings, training and sales presentations require secure, high-quality video, and advanced collaboration features such as PowerPoint, PDF, and media file sharing,” said Tom Toperczer, Nefsis vice president of Marketing.

Video conferencing without advanced collaboration falls short. Nefsis provides a complete business solution via lower-cost, cloud-based delivery,” he added.

By Anuradha Shukla

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