OfficeXta Cloud Platform Available on Google

OfficeXta Cloud Platform Available on Google

OfficeXta, a cloud-based social enterprise platform, is now available to businesses that use Google Apps, Google Chrome Webstore and Google Chromebook Laptops.

This enterprise collaborative platform allows employees to collaborate with co-workers, business partners and customers in real-time over the OfficeXta Social Business Network platform. Enterprise collaboration is essential for organizational productivity and OfficeXta claims that its platform has what it takes to address all the collaboration needs of businesses. This platform serves as a collaboration hub for those businesses that want additional productivity and results. In addition to establishing streamlined communication between company employees and those they work with, the OfficeXta enterprise collaboration platform reduces IT costs, increases revenues and sales, and improves employee productivity.

OfficeXta’s goal is to allow employees seamlessly collaborate with their co-workers, customers, and business partners anywhere, on any platform and on any device with zero hardware and software cost,” said Emeka Okwara, CEO of OfficeXta. “Google App marketplace meets that goal because now the employees and clients of 3 million businesses on Google Apps can instantly begin collaborating with each other in the cloud with zero cost.”

We have created our enterprise collaboration platform to be a one-stop source for those who need a social collaboration platform,” added Emeka Okwara. “And now, with it available on Google Apps and Chrome Webstore, we are happy to be able to offer this service to many others. Within 5 minutes, you can sign up, invite your co-workers and clients, and be ready to collaborate with them.”

The enterprise collaboration tool from OfficeXta provides a range of benefits to the users including allowing every employee to have both a public and a private online profile, as well as securely share real-time messages.
Users can now engage in social collaboration with others, securely share real-time applications and company data, and engage in social collaboration with Google and non-Google contacts.

By Anuradha Shukla

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