It has been a tumultuous year in data privacy to say the least – we’ve had a huge increase in data breaches, including some of the largest in history; an uncertain future when it comes to cybersecurity policies; new European regulations that have major implications for U.S. companies; and yet, business carries on...

Justifying Your Cloud Investment: Web Sites

Justifying Your Cloud Investment: Web Sites

This report examines the case for deploying Web sites onto an IaaS cloud computing environment.

Agility is a common cloud advantage, and this translates into faster time-to-resources for application development and operations professionals. But business justification only comes from ensuring the right fit between the applications and the cloud service, and the right IT ops protections and processes.


Hype about how cloud computing can save you money is everywhere you look. Unfortunately, these claims often paint a very misleading picture of cost savings.

Through our examination of more than 30 use cases of enterprise cloud computing deployments and countless inquiries with Forrester clients, it has become clear that cloud ROI depends not on your infrastructure architecture but on these two characteristics of your  applications:

  • Life span: Why invest in disposable infrastructure?…
  • Elasticity: Resource fluctuation is an ROI sweet spot. The power of cloud economics pays off when — and how often— you can bring its bill down to zero….

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