Big Data plays a major role in gaming, an industry valued at over $90 billion today. With the gaming industry more competitive than ever, developers are trying to understand player psychology and behavior to ensure games are constructed in such a way that players find their “flow zone.” Ensuring gamers keep coming back through game optimization, refining factors which encourage titles going viral...

Microsoft Creates Profitable Businesses with “Cloud CRM for Less”

Microsoft Creates Profitable Businesses with “Cloud CRM for Less”

Microsoft is extending $150 cash per user seat to up to 500 user seats for each eligible customer through its “Cloud CRM for Less” offer.

This offer is making it easier for, SAP and Oracle customers to switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, which gives people required insight to gain an edge over their competitors.Available between now and March 31, 2012, this new offer promises to offer significant cost savings and help customers realize the benefits from using software and online services.

Microsoft notes a report by Nucleus Research according to which an aggressive pricing strategy and developments in functionality is placing Microsoft closer to par with on core CRM. The research firm adds that this functionality is offered at about one-half to one-third the per-user subscription price.Microsoft is also helping partners to create profitable businesses through offers such as “Cloud CRM for Less.” Two such happy customers are National business and technology consulting firm Slalom Consulting and ABC Financial.

Customers don’t have to pay high prices for a leading CRM solution,” said Brian Rimmer, National Solution director, CRM for Slalom Consulting. “The ‘Cloud CRM for Less’ offer has helped Slalom Consulting position valuable CRM solutions for customers that fit within their budgets.”

We chose to switch from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, not only because it is cost-effective, but it seamlessly fit in with our existing systems like Office, SharePoint and Lync, and gave us a rich feature set and overall the most value for our investment,” said Doug Elkins, CIO, ABC Financial. “With Microsoft Dynamics CRM in place, we now have the tools to manage our customers and their experience, and can focus on growing our business.

By Anuradha Shukla

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