SHI Enhances its IaaS Platform with Cloud Cruiser

SHI Enhances its IaaS Platform with Cloud Cruiser

SHI is enhancing its next generation infrastructure- as-a-service (IaaS) platform with Cloud Cruiser's enterprise suite of cloud cost management and chargeback solutions.
Both companies have inked a strategic deal to this end.

SHI International Corp., a $3 billion+ global provider of information technology products and services, has designed its IaaS cloud platform to support secure, high performance and industrial-grade computing requirements.

Cloud Cruiser, which provides cloud cost management solutions, is enabling enterprises to optimize capex and opex costs in hybrid cloud computing environments across SHI's managed private, private and public clouds.

"Integrating Cloud Cruiser's cost management solution with the SHI Cloud Management Platform (CMP) will provide SHI a competitive differentiator over commodity IaaS solutions," said Henry Fastert, chief technologist at SHI. "Our customers can now
identify greater cost efficiencies migrating workloads to the SHI cloud

"While the cloud offers the promise of cost savings through virtualized shared resources and elastic provisioning, its distributed and dynamic nature makes it difficult to track, control and optimize costs," says Dave Zabrowski, founder and CEO of Cloud
Cruiser. "Cloud Cruiser's cloud cost management solution was architected specifically for leading cloud providers like SHI to provide their customers with granular end-to-end cost visibility, resource usage chargeback, and proactive budgets, alerts, and consumption forecasting."

This announcement is apparently right timed as spending on public IT cloud services is predicted to grow at more than five times the rate of the IT industry, according to the companies.

This growth is predicted because organizations are continuously moving a wider range of business applications into the cloud. Managing those costs will become a greater importance to companies as they move more workloads to the cloud.

"Just like traditional IT, with cloud computing, enterprises need to gain visibility and understanding of the true costs involved at a sufficiently detailed level," noted Jay Pultz, Vice President & Distinguished Analyst at Gartner. "Such an understanding is obviously paramount to effective management of cloud computing costs."

By Anuradha Shukla

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