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State of Wyoming Migrates to Google Cloud with PC Helps

State of Wyoming Migrates to Google Cloud with PC Helps

The State of Wyoming is migrating to Google’s cloud-based email messaging and collaboration system designed specifically for Government agencies.

Migration to Google Apps for Government is supported by PC Helps, a provider of 24/7, expert, on-demand support for the core office software applications and mobile devices used by corporate employees. PC Helps is offering a 24/7 phone support service for 10,000 end-users in order to ease the transition to the new system and meet the demand of end-users building familiarity with Google Apps.

In addition, PC Helps is also absorbing migration-related call volume which would otherwise put pressure on the state’s internal IT resources. This service is delivered as an extension of the State of Wyoming’s internal help desk.

PC Helps is very pleased to be at the forefront on cloud-based application support with the State of Wyoming,” said Brian Madocks, CEO of PC Helps. “As the state’s end-users are switched over to Google Apps, our productivity consultants are working with them to move through obstacles and ensure they are utilizing the full range of features in the applications.

The State of Wyoming is also unifying a network that was earlier divided into 13 separate email systems for 10,000 end-users. A unified network will support internal collaboration and drive cohesiveness within the state government.

Headquartered just outside Philadelphia, PA, PC Helps aids knowledge workers to exploit the full capabilities of their tools.

PC Helps supports Microsoft’s new Office 365 cloud service offering in addition to more than 160 other office desktop applications. The company boasts expert productivity consultants and claims they are continuously being trained to ensure they stay up to date on the latest versions of these applications, and are well-equipped to help users.

By Anuradha Shukla

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