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Syncplicity Expands Virtual Private Cloud Capabilities

Syncplicity Expands Virtual Private Cloud Capabilities

Syncplicity is expanding virtual private cloud capabilities with the launch of its new iPhone app that is fully optimized and 100% native to Apple’s iOS platform. Syncplicity, which specializes in cloud based file management, sync and backup solutions, notes that its newly released application is set to give its users universal mobile access to all their files and folders. The new application will also enable users to meet important business requirements such as security, backup and versioning.

Cloud-based file management has definitely gone to the next level with this announcement as customers are now able to manage their own virtual private cloud. One can seamlessly access data anytime and anywhere regardless of where it is stored.

This announcement has apparently come at the right time as the popularity of both mobile and cloud adoption is increasing amongst consumers and businesses. Syncplicity notes IDC, according to which, the market for file sharing, file synchronization and backup services is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2014.

With more data, file types, mobile devices and cloud apps, the level of complexity that users face managing their data has skyrocketed,” said Leonard Chung, Syncplicity’s co-founder and chief product strategist.

Syncplicity solves the challenges of accessing, syncing, sharing, versioning, backing up and managing files by giving users a simple, universal way to master all of their files in place, without moving a single file, that securely leverages cloud computing.

Those interested to buy Syncplicity’s new iPhone app can do so free of charge on Apple’s App Store. This application includes several features such as key file management capabilities to users on the go, including creating and deleting folders, creating and uploading photos and videos, and viewing and reverting to previous file versions. Also, this solution allows for real-time collaboration and sharing, ensures security of data, and has the ability to list and open any past version of any file from the iPhone.

By Anuradha Shukla

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