Gartner has recenty predicted that by 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-internet” policy is today. CIOs will increasingly leverage a multitude of cloud computing providers across the entire IT stack to enable a huge variety of use cases and meet the requirements of their business unit peers. Indeed, the tides are shifting toward a “cloud-first” or even “cloud-only” policy... 

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Virtustream, Softengine Enable Deployment of SAP Business One in the Cloud

Virtustream, Softengine Enable Deployment of SAP Business One in the Cloud

and Virtustream have teamed to enable the deployment of SAP Business One in the cloud through a new offering for SAP Business One partners. Virtustream provides cloud services and next-generation dynamic infrastructure solutions and Softengine specializes in ERP and CRM business solutions.

Both companies offer the uniquely designed Global Cloud Service Center that features best-of-breed cloud technology, infrastructure, ERP vertical solutions and services designed to benefit both SAP Business One partners and end users.  A “one-stop-shop” hosted model allows partners to resolve issues pertaining to data security and access, disaster recovery, technical support contact, system performance, and software and system maintenance.

End users will also appreciate the enhanced performance, increased flexibility and cost efficiencies of a cloud solution.

Thanks to the Global Cloud Service Center, SAP Business One partners that deploy their clients’ applications into the cloud can deliver both cost effective pricing and on –demand managed cloud services.

“More SAP users are investigating cloud deployments. Packaged cloud hosting solutions, such as the Global Cloud Service Center, enable SAP partners to meet client demand,” said Barry Lederman, head of Business Development, Softengine. “With a subscription-based pricing model and flexibility to support competitive offerings through SAP Business One vertical extensions, cloud hosting solutions provide a recurring revenue stream for our partners and advance cloud adoption. Lowered total cost of ownership and decreased maintenance costs can be achieved when SAP applications run in the cloud.”

For many enterprises, moving some IT resources to the cloud is no longer enough, and interest in fully leveraging the power of the cloud by deploying all mission-critical applications continues to increase,” said Peter Albers, executive vice president, Cloud Cover Services at Virtustream. “SAP Business One end users achieve significant cost savings, increased scalability and greater performance from their applications when deployed in our secure cloud environment.”

By Anuradha Shukla


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